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{To elongate your legs try a pair of High waisted flared jeans}

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{add a statement necklace to a basic white blouse}


Photography by Esther Jung

After hosting the StyleTag event last week, Esther and I decided to try something we’ve never done before….a Night Shoot. As it was raining and the sun was entirely gone, I was completely convinced that we wouldn’t be able to make it work, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. Once we immersed ourselves into the dark wet streets we realized that the headlights of the cars were beaming off the puddles, serving as our reflector! Funny how  things always work out, right?  What I once thought would hurt us actually benefited us. The moral of the story? Never pass judgement on a situation without giving it a try.

On another note….if pinterest, instagram, & Shopstyle had a baby that would be Styletag. As much as I love Instagram, I mainly use it to see what my friends are up to,  to get updated on the latest happenings, and to see repetitive selfies (i’m guilty of this one). I appreciate that Styletag is solely fashion focused, which allows you to easily draw outfit inspirations, and also an easy & accessible way to buy the things you’ve been eyeing. I highly recommend on downloading this app, and of course don’t forget to follow me @ChriselleLim.




Blouse- *Finders Keepers (similar one HERE HERE & HERE)

Jacket- Boda Skins (similar one HERE & HERE)

Jeans- *Goldsign 

Purse- Stella McCartney

Bracelet- *Dean Davidson

Rings- *Dean Davidson temptress ring & castle ring 

Necklace- *Fallon (similar one HERE)


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