As for many of you, the holidays are a special time for me. Throughout the year, I always give thanks for my blessings and for my loved ones, but the holidays is another special opportunity for me to express my love for those close to me. One of my favorite ways to do so is to give them gifts that really mean something.

When finding the right gift, I ask myself two questions. On top of making sure I spend wisely, I ask, “Is it practical?” and “Is it memorable?” If it’s one or the other, it’s oftentimes a winner, if it’s both… even better! Holiday shopping can be stressful at times, but I partnered up with Nordstrom to hand select a few of my favorite items that I will be gifting this year.

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_27 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_28

All of the jewelry lovers out there (like myself and most of my girlfriends) would agree that this LusterLoc White Jewelry Case can be a girl’s best friend. This practical jewelry case makes an awesome gift that you can  not only store all of your jewelry in, but also travel with it too. I absolutely adore the seperate compartments for your rings, earrings, necklaces, & bracelets. Although I will be giving this one to one of my girlfriends, looks like i’ll be going back to Nordstrom to get myself one too!


Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_29 For the past  few years, I’ve been wearing the same Nordstrom studs (my girlfriends have been also!). They are not only affordable, but they look luxurious – exactly what every girl needs.  In my opinion jewelry makes a great gift because first it’s one size fits all, and second every girl deserves a little sparkle! If you are thinking about getting jewelry for your girlfriend(s), I recommend on sticking with more delicate basic pieces that she could wear everyday, such as these classically chic studs.

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_26 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_1

I equally love receiving as much as I love giving  jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.  This Dogeared pendant necklace is a sentimental piece of jewelry that comes with a thoughtful saying, ” Loved you yesterday. Love you still. Always Have. Always Will.” I also love the fact that it’s a very simple and basic piece that can be worn everyday.

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_7 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_8

Beauty items are another great gift to give. I personally love travel sets or compacts that come with multiple items. This Color to Go eye, lip and cheek palette by Laura Mercier , which I was tempted to keep for myself, is absolutely perfect for the girl on-the-go. It provides a complete look in one convenient compact! The double-decker compact features a full-size mirror along with eyeshadows including a highlighter, midtone and definer shades. Also included is a Tightline Cake eyeliner, Bronzing pressed powder, Second Skin cheek color,  and Mini Lip Glacé!

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_9 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_11 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_10

Looking for a great stocking stuffer? Look no further! This Pearl Nail Set is what many girls would love for holiday-friendly nails this season. It comes with three polishes – a white nail polish, a glossy coat and white pearls to embellish this clean holiday look. Not only does this nail set make a great stocking stuffer, but it pairs well with this compact manicure set packaged up in a glamorous glitter clutch. What a practical and glamourous way to hold your manicure tools!

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_4 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_5-2

Lastly I wanted to share with you a beauty product that i’ve personally have been obsessed with over the years. I’ve been a fan of the “Pink Quartz” Shimmer Brick compact for years now, but when Bobbi Brown came out with the “Nude Glow” Limited Edition I had to, of course, get one for myself and all of my girlfriends. The pearlescent colors make up the Nude Glow shimmer brick, and it looks great on all color types.  It’s really designed to highlight your skin for a lit-from-within luminescence. And the best part? Though they’re designed to highlight your face, all of the colors can be used as an eyeshadow, too!

Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_18 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_15 Chriselle_lim_nordstrom_giftability_thechrisellefactor_Holiday_gift_guide_christmas_shopping_19

Although holiday shopping can be enjoyable, more often than not it becomes overwhelming and stressful.  But thanks to Nordstrom they really have  fulfilled all my holiday shopping needs all in one location, making the process painstakingly easy & effortless this year. I hope , thru my picks, I was able to give you some ideas on what to get that special someone!  Remember to find things that are either practical or memorable for your loved ones this season and you won’t go wrong. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


Photography by Calvin Lim


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