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After spending the past few days in NY, there’s something about walking thru the city in  thick layers with all the christmas lights & decor, i’m officially in the holiday spirit! As I talked about the necessity of  having a pair of black pumps in this post HERE, today I wanted to  share the versatility of a pair of peep to pumps. With all the holiday festivities that are coming up I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than a pair of  glitter pumps.  These 3 different outfits show the versatility of these pumps. Whether it be a pair of shorts, a sequins dress, or even a pair of distressed denim the right pair of pumps will keep you dazzling all night long!

You may recall from THIS video that I recently partnered up with Nine West to share some of my top picks for the season. Last time I shared a tutorial on how to style your basic black pump and your Vintage Boot, but today i’m going to show you how to style your glitter pumps in 3 different ways HERE! Enjoy!



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