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Photography by Timmy Ngo

Growing up in a small town called Danville, in northern california,  there was not much to do, so I often found myself here… my neighbors barn (pictured above). As I would watch the elegant horses roam around, my mind would often times gaze off to my very own glamorous dreams. Dreams of  being successful and living a glamorous life started to unfold at the age of 13.  As I talked about in this post HERE, my first introduction to  glamour was via my grandma who passed down a number of beautiful gold heirlooms to my mother. My infatuation with gold started off at a young age, and I recall it feeling incredibly unattainable at the time.  So as you can imagine when Lovegold asked me to collaborate with them on  creating a video on gold jewelry, I immediately said YES! As we brainstormed on a couple of ideas I really wanted the focus to not only be on the modern gold pieces , but also emphasizing the  importance of the existing longstanding legacy of gold jewelry.

This video is incredbily sentimental & special to me as I take you back to the quaint little town I grew up in. Enjoy!



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