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Photography by Karla Ticas- Photos via Zinc Magazine

As many of you may know, a passion of mine is styling. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to style with my longtime colleague and photographer, Karla Ticas, and the rest of our awesome team. This talented group of creative minds and I worked together to shoot this editorial, ‘Wilde Orchid’. We have all worked together time and time again, and every time we collaborate, we put something together that we all really love. So this time around, we knew that our creative juices were ready to go.

I love the vibrant and energetic feel that the bright colors bring to make this editorial come to life. It reminds me of a mix of edge and femininity, which I can definitely relate to. Some days I feel like channeling my inner rockstar and wearing a bold lip color, while other days I opt for a more girly look, so by bringing both of those together, this editorial hits close to home. It kind of even makes me want to rock some multi-colored hair!
I also wanted to announce the winners of the Fitness Series Giveaway  today! First off, thanks to everyone for the overwhelming amount of entries ! With so many entires, it took a while for me to go through it all!  It’s amazing to see that you all want to jump start a healthy & fit life and I couldn’t be more happy that you want to share that journey with me!
Congrats to the following winners of the 10 goodie bags please message us on Facebook HERE with your mailing address:
AshleyKat Bernal
Maddy Lei
Wendy Yung
Jessica Dam
Linda Klingenberg
Julia Chen Soung
Elizabeth Tran
Bonita Chan
Ntsa Lab Yaj
Kandi Smith

HAIR-Sienree Du

MAKEUP- Leibi Carias

NAILS- Karen Gutierrez

STYLING- Chriselle Inc.



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