cover_Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_6 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_1 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_10 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_9 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_8 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_ Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_4 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_3 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_5 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_6 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_1 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_2 Chriselle_Lim_asos_pencil_skirt_sweat_gianvito_rossi_metallic_pump_celine_trapeze_7

Photography by Jana Williams

Starting off in this business as a wardrobe stylist, i’ve learned to adopt trends pretty quickly. Yes, a willingness and open heart of what’s to come is necessary , but barricading & rejecting the whimsy is as crucial. Now with that said, let me be the first one to profess that i’ve been a victim to certain, if not many, fashion whims, that I covertly regret, but I somehow always find my way back to perfectly posh & polished.

There are a few pieces that withstands the test of time, regardless of the trends, and a pencil skirt is one of them. I’ve always loved how this silhouette accentuates the woman’s curves, yet entirely conservative at the same time.  As talked about in this post HERE, i’m always looking for that sweet spot- the perfect balance of elegant yet subtly sexy and glamorous yet casually cool. As of lately i’ve been on a pencil skirt binge, and when I came across this wrap wool skirt, without hesitation, I immediately ordered it. This skirt is classically conservative with its silhouette, but  surprisingly modernized in front with the wrap detail and sweat material. It’s the perfect little number for those sophisticated ladies looking to maximize their comfort & style  at the same time.



SKIRT- ASOS (similar one HERE & HERE)

BLOUSE- Charlie by Matthew Zink

RINGS- Mr. Kate

NECKLACE- Samantha Willis zodiac necklace (similar one HERE & HERE)

SHOES- Gianvito Rossi

PURSE- Celine




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