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Photography by Jana From Alabama

Although I grew up in the bay area (Northern California), to make it out to the  beautiful city of San Francisco is few and far between. I grew up in a small town called Danville, where my family still resides,  it’s about an hour east from the city.  There’s something about “going home” that stimulates the craving of mama’s home cooking, and the rationalization to  hibernate and to do absolutely nothing at all.

This past weekend was quite different than my typical “going home”  weekends, as my team and I road tripped up to San Francisco to participate in the Nike Women’s Marathon. Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, so when Nike reached out about partaking in this life changing event, I immediately took the opportunity. Due to all the traveling the past few months, I unfortunately didn’t keep up with my training, and felt unprepared. The night before the run I was terribly apprehensive and  jittery that I barely got any sleep. However thanks to all the  inspirational women around me , and for all of your encouraging words , I crossed the line and finished my first half marathon in 2 hours and 37 minutes!

Despite the fact that everyone told me to rest my feet before the marathon, I couldn’t help but slip on a pair of sassy heels to go explore the beautiful city! Jana & I took these photos the day before the run , as we checked out some art galleries and picked up some flowers for my mom (we visited her after the marathonHERE). Although my time spent in the city was entirely limited, I left feeling so incredibly influenced & inspired. I Hope it wont be too long before I make it back to the bay.



JACKET-  *Storets ( this is a detachable jacket from this multi transforming trenchcoat) (similar one HERE &HERE)

SKIRT- *Storets (similar one HERE ,HERE & HERE)

SHIRT- Nordstrom

HAT- Club Monaco 

SUNGLASSES - Saint Laurent 

Shoes- * Charlie By Matthew Zink

PURSE- Saint Laurent ( in red, black & grey)




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