cover_BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_9BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_2 BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_5BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_1BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_7BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_limBCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_3BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_9BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_10BCBG_Pencil_skirt_Crop_top_giavito_rossi_Metallic_Ankle_Pump_Chanel_python_boy_chriselle_lim_8

 Photography by Esther Jung

If any indication that i’ve been spending more time in New York  than California, it would be revealed thru my  all black ensemble. This was taken during the frenzie of New York Fashion Week , and then there was this all black number from a few days ago to my meetings in NY. After a season of romance and flowy skirts during the summer, ironically i’ve been drawn to quite the opposite – tailored made pieces that emphasizes the woman’s silhouette. From my last post HERE, doesn’t it seem as if pencil skirts & crop tops have been my uniform as of lately?

August/ September  was one of those whirlwind months where everything happened in a blink of an eye – there was New York, Korea, then Greece, New York, San Francisco, and back to New york. I have been living out of my suitcase for the past 2 months, sleeping in fluffy hotel beds, and working out of local coffee shops.  But after months of traveling i’m happy to say that  i’m finally back in LA, and planning to stay here to get back into the groove of things. I’ve never been so excited to be back home- this is where I gather myself, get organized, and find inspiration. I’m excited to work back at the Chriselle INC. office with my team, brainstorm on upcoming projects, finish furnishing our home, and of course spend time with my boys (the hubs & mignon). As much as I love the jet setting life, to be honest, there is no place like home.


TOP- *BCBG (similar one HERE & HERE & HERE )

SKIRT- *BCBG (similar one HERE & HERE & HERE)

SHOES- Gianvito Rossi

Sunglasses- Celine (similar one HERE & HERE )

Purse- Chanel (in RED)

Rings- *Rue GemBon


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