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Photo taken by Aimee Song// Edited by Esther Jung

My most vivid memories of Korea was back in 1994- 1997 when I was living in Seoul while attending a foreign school. My keen obsession with cute boys, baggy jeans, and kpop  was in full bloom as I was going thru my adolescent years.

It was about a year ago I was last in Korea, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to explore the city. So when Aimee and I got invited to Korea we jumped on the opportunity! Korea has not only developed incredibly in technology & transportation,  but also in fashion!

It would be an understatement to say that Korea was EXTREMELY hot & humid! I ended up buying this one piece  oversized shirt/dress at a boutique on Garosu-gil  (신사동 가로수길) because wearing a Sheer Sheet In Seoul was the most practical thing to do! I wish I was a little more prepared for the humidity in Korea and packed more lightweight one pieces such as this one HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Below are some pix of our Korea adventures via Instagram #SongandLimTakeOverKorea


Me & Aimee’s first time visiting Garosu-gil  (가로수길) where they have an endless amount of cute cafes, boutiques, & trendy people!

Korea_chriselle_lim_Aimee_song_Songofstyle_Garosugil_seoul_korea_thechrisellefactor_1  Thank you to our followers who reccomended that we try Cafe ADD BING. We couldnt decide between the Oreo and Coffee Bingsoo  빙수 ( a popular korean dessert made out of shaved ice).


 Patiently waiting for our Bingsoo (빙수)


We couldn’t decide which one to order so we ended up getting both. And YES we devoured both in seconds! I personally liked the Oreo one better though.


Trying to stay chic in the  heat!


Then met up my friend Kahi (가희) for dinner , and ended the night with some shopping at 10 Corso Como. Had to change into my Stuart Weitzman gladiators by the end of the day!

Although I miss Korea SOOOO much (wish we could’ve stayed longer), i’m quite ecstatic to be heading to the beautiful country of Greece today!  It would be greatly appreciated if you could recommend great places to eat, shop, and sightsee in Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini!

Cant wait to hear your recommendations! Thank you and wishing you a beautiful day!



SHIRT DRESS- random brand from korea (similar one HERE & HERE)

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

Purse- Chanel ( in red)

Shoes (heels)- *Delman

Shoes (flats)- Stuart Weitzman ( in gold)


  • Malin says:

    NO WAY! Kahi? Im so jealous, i’m such a big fan of hers!

  • So cool that you and Kahi are friends! I wore sheer stuff all the time too when I was in Korea, it’s soo hot and humid there.

    The Beauty Suitcase

  • Le Peuster says:

    Hi! My brother went to Santorini for their honeymoon a few months ago and they could not stop raving about this restaurant called Nichteri. He said it was the most amazing meal of his life, and that’s coming for a New Yorker!
    Also, what did you think of Seoul fashion? Growing up we always loved visiting Korea and coming back with trendy clothes you couldn’t get in the states. But on my last trip to Korea I was kind of disappointed. I don’t know if it’s bc mainstream fashion has made such strides in the states recently or if it’s bc Korea is still very conformist and conservative. But I’m curious to know what your impressions were!

  • Way to look stylish in the heat! And together with Aimee you gals are double trouble 😉

    Please check out my latest outfit on:


    thanks, xoxo

  • Andrews says:

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  • Leith says:

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  • Amazing 😮 I never thought about going to Korea before, but it looks so pretty. That chic sheet dress was a good idea.

  • diana says:

    Lovely look!!! Your Chanel Boy is DIVINE!!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  • eve says:

    Beautiful and effortless dress. I’m pretty sure that’s Kahi, previously part of After School. That’s great that you met up!

  • Teresa says:

    It looks like you and Aimee had a great time :) Nice outfits too. Your look is effortless and feminine.

    CHECK OUT MY NEW POST http://sapphire-brushstrokes.blogspot.com/2013/08/denim-on-denim.html

  • Such a fun time in Korea! Wonder how many goodies you got from there! Thinking about shopping there is just heaven xoxo!

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – NEW POST: In The Mood For Fall –

  • Sasha says:

    You an Aimee are both so beautiful!

  • Tina says:

    Oh wow you’re friends with Kahi!? How do you know all these interesting people? So jealous!

  • Myrtha says:

    I need to visit korea so badly, cant wait for more posts on you trip!


  • Erin and Kat says:

    Your outfit is just so effortless and chic looking, perfect for one of those hot summer days in the city!!!

  • Cuchi says:

    looks like a confortable dress!!! Its very important for this season….you are beautiful!!!

  • LOL can I crash on your traveling party? Just kidding. But I would loooove to visit Korea soon! Haha, don’t know how that would happen with a new baby though. 😛 And I love your simple outfit~And I used to HATE Korean fashion, but to be honest, I think it’s the one that inspires me the most because it’s so eclectic and different.
    Have a safe travel in Greece!

  • Aldís Amah Hamilton says:

    Oh I am so envious of you for being able to go there and being friends with Kahi. Hope she’ll be appearing on my screen sometime soon again! 😉 She truly made Afterschool for me haha. Kpop for the win!

  • Katerina says:

    I love that shirt dress!! So comfy and chic looking!! Have fun in Greece! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures :)


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