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After a busy day at the office, my idea of a perfect night is spending time with my husband.  No matter if we’re going out to dinner or preparing a romantic dinner at home, it’s important to pick the right outfit and pair it with the perfect scent.  Nothing sets the mood like a women’s scent!

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Juicy_couture_viva_la_noir_Chriselle_Lim_9If you follow me on Instagram , then you already know that I have been loving the new Viva La Juicy Noir fragrance from Juicy Couture. Every time I am getting ready for a date night and I’m choosing a fragrance, I seem to gravitate toward wearing this scent. It’s an unquestionable mix of sensuality, glamour and couture – perfect for those special nights together.  And I can’t help but connect these evenings with this fragrance…The Night is for Noir.


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If you love Viva La Juicy and want to win a a $1,000 gift card to Juicy Couture and the Viva La Juicy Noir fragrance click here to enter their The Night is For Noir Instagram Contest.

Best of luck to all of you who enter & I wish you an amazing night out with your special someone.



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