cover_Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_4 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_2 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_3

Although I am really enjoying my time in Seoul Korea, I can’t help but miss New York City!  These photos were taken during my time in the big apple on another hot July day in the city! Since I’ve landed in Seoul the weather has been just as hot, if not hotter and I have been thankful for all of the 1 pieces I packed  to help me beat the heat. Wether its In NY or in Seoul, the easiest pieces I can wear is a 1 piece that I am able to quickly slip on in the morning and slip off after a long day out!

Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_4 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_9 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_7 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_10 Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_! Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_5

Chriselle_lim_joy_cioci_Chanel_Python_boy_new_york_City_NYC_4Photography by Esther Jung

I’ve really been enjoying my time in Korea, and I’ve been documenting it all ! Don’t forget to follow me instagram if you want to be updated on everything I am doing during my time here and to find out where I am headed to next!

Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week!



Dress – *Joy Cioci

Shoes- Zara (Similar HERE)

Purse- Chanel

Sunglasses- *Karen Walker by Revolve Clothing

Bracelet- CC Skye



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