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If there was one article of clothing I had to wear for the rest of the year…that would be a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are no brainers, they are effortlessly chic, and extremely easy to wear (minus when you have to strip naked to use the restroom).Whether it be a Summer jumpsuit  (as seen HERE) or Fall/Spring (as seen HERE & HERE)…I always find a way to incorporate this piece all year around!















Photography by Esther Jung

The past 5 days were spent in one of my favorite cities in the world- NYC. These photos were shot by the talented Esther Jung who I randomly met in NY last week, who also shot THIS outfit. The team and I were out in NY for 2 very  special projects – one being with Style.com  as seen HEREHERE & HERE . The other being with Glamour Magazine for their new show “Dressed To Kill”  HERE HERE & HERE . Cant’ wait to reveal more once the projects are ready to launch!

I will be heading out to korea day after tomorrow, and i’m extremely excited to be back in the motherland! Any recommendations on places to visit?

Happy Monday & Have a beautiful day loves!



Jumpsuit- *Joy Cioci (similar one HERE HERE HERE  & HERE)

Sunglasses- *Karen Walker via Revolve

Purse- Saint Laurent ( in Black & Red)


  • zarie says:

    i don’t think you’re skinny enough… you may be tall, but not skinny. maybe that’s why you’re not a professional model and constantly promoting yourself? try to lose 10 more pounds and you might just be perfect!

  • Kalila says:

    You look absolutely stunning with bangs! I love the entire feel and look in this pic!

  • Julie says:

    Chriselle your hair cut looks so good! It really suits your face. (I know it’s been a little while now that you’ve had it but I still had to say it looks great!) And that jumpsuit it so pretty and crisp!

  • Ophélie says:

    I love this outfit and you are gorgeous with this new hair style !

  • Gorgeous all white jumper! It looks so pure and just simply stunning, and your hair is really making a different in your new looks dear, are you going to keep the bangs? :)

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – New Post: Sun Sand Sea –

  • Yin says:

    You look FAB! I have no words for it but this is amazing!

  • Love that YSL bag! The color has such a great pop against your white outfit!

  • Love your jumper, so simple and beautiful
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    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  • Sasha says:

    such amazing projects and collaborations you are doing, great job, girls!

  • Vivian says:

    So elegant in a white jumpsuit!



  • Love the blue YSL bag, just a perfect sky blue color and not too over the top for daily outfits. Yay to Korea, I think you’ll go crazy shopping there 😉

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    http://www.Tsangtastic.com | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  • C, I need to be honest with you… while you look great I have to say that i am LOVING the photography on this!


  • Shannon Lim says:

    This jumpsuit is gorgeous, just like you. I love jumpsuits but I look frumpy whenever I try one on. I’m 5ft6, with hourglass figure and shorter upper body. is there any different jumpsuit cuts that is suitable?

  • Sissa Herrmann says:

    Hi Chriselle! I never wrote a comment here, but I need to say something about your new haircut! You look awsome!! I really like it!! and with this outfit, so chic!! By the way, I check your blog everyday, its a great way to get inspired in the morning ( since I desing shoes i need inspiration everyday ) Great job! Congrats!!
    Have a nice trip!

  • Sujin says:

    I totally agree about your love for jumpsuits. I’m also a big sucker for it but doubt I can pull off a full length white one as well as you have. Looking great :)

    & Here’s an early welcome to Korea!

    Be ready for some super muggy weather! On a brighter note what seemed like the longest ever rainy season seems to have finally come to an end (fingers crossed!)

  • Kelly says:

    Your bag is so incredible! =) I love it.
    Looks like you’re having fun in NYC. it’s my fav place in the whole world.

  • Nadia says:

    Wow, Chriselle you look gorgeous!!!! Since you are a tall beautiful woman, this jumpsuit just suits you peferctly! :)
    I would like to hear some of your Korean language skills…I think it would be so interesting to see you in a different environment like Korea!
    Greetings from Germany! 😉

  • TinaciousMe says:

    I love your new bangs! Stunning!

  • Joana says:

    Stunning photos!


  • Teresa says:

    Very nice jumpsuit! Love the YSL purse and the shots are really lovely too.

    CHECK OUT MY LAST POST http://sapphire-brushstrokes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/june-files-summer-bbq.html

    • Chriselle says:

      I’m in love with this purse right now and the combination of it with this jumpsuit! Thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping by!

  • Inna says:

    Very nice, i like white colour for summer too;)

  • Inna says:

    Very nice and so summer, i like white colour foe summer too

  • This isn’t just any jumpsuit! This is a STUNNING jumpsuit! LOVE it!

    Check out my new outfit post today: Midriff Peekaboo when Lace meets Crochet.



  • Wow, Chriselle this is beautiful! I love her photography and that outfit looks so amazing on the streets of NYC. Beautiful work!

  • Tay says:

    Yes yes yes! I have been waiting for this post! Keep up the good work!

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