Cover_Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_2 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_6

If there was one article of clothing I had to wear for the rest of the year…that would be a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are no brainers, they are effortlessly chic, and extremely easy to wear (minus when you have to strip naked to use the restroom).Whether it be a Summer jumpsuit  (as seen HERE) or Fall/Spring (as seen HERE & HERE)…I always find a way to incorporate this piece all year around!

Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_7 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_5 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_8 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_15 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_9 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_10 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_12 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_11 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_13 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_14 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_2 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_1 Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit Chriselle_Lim_NewYorkCity_Saint_Laurent_tassel_Clutch_joy_cioci_Lace_jumpsuit_3

Photography by Esther Jung

The past 5 days were spent in one of my favorite cities in the world- NYC. These photos were shot by the talented Esther Jung who I randomly met in NY last week, who also shot THIS outfit. The team and I were out in NY for 2 very  special projects – one being with  as seen HEREHERE & HERE . The other being with Glamour Magazine for their new show “Dressed To Kill”  HERE HERE & HERE . Cant’ wait to reveal more once the projects are ready to launch!

I will be heading out to korea day after tomorrow, and i’m extremely excited to be back in the motherland! Any recommendations on places to visit?

Happy Monday & Have a beautiful day loves!



Jumpsuit- *Joy Cioci (similar one HERE HERE HERE  & HERE)

Sunglasses- *Karen Walker via Revolve

Purse- Saint Laurent ( in Black & Red)



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