Ever since I posted this blog post here I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my favorite BB creams! As I mentioned in a previous post , I like to pamper my skin whenever I get the chance. But since I can’t go everywhere walking around with a face masks ,I love to find other ways I can treat my skin. Since it’s summer, it’s time for minimal makeup in this heat. As  mentioned here, I like to wear light effortless makeup so I don’t feel like my entire face is melting off! So I was so happy  when I found out that BB creams can give me the light weight feel that I wanted in the summer ( and throughout the year,) while treating my skin at the same time. With my busy schedule, I love finding multi tasking products like these! I’ve included some for all different skin types & I made sure to throw in this one by Garnier that is especially great in the summer for girls with oily skin. This BB cream in particular will control that oil and give you more of a matte finish!


|1.-FOR NORMAL SKIN- Bobbi Brown BB Cream |2. FOR DRY SKIN- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB|3. FOR OILY SKIN-Garnier SR BB Cream|4. MATTE FINISH-Tarte BB Tinted Treatment|5.FOR SENSITIVE SKIN-Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream|6. LIGHT COVERAGE-Diorskin Nude BB Cream



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