In yesterday’s blog post I talked about my natural tendencies to glam things up, especially when it comes to denim. I must’ve jinxed myself because today I woke up having one of THOSE days….you know, those I don’t want to think about what i’m wearing days. So I threw on a pair of fitted dark denim & a plain white T. But of course had to pair it with killer heels & bold accessories!

Rich_and_skinny_Jeans_Reed_krakoff_booties_chriselle_lim_8   Rich_and_skinny_Jeans_Reed_krakoff_booties_chriselle_lim_4  

{mirrored wayfarer}


{Reed Krakoff Mesh Booties}

Rich_and_skinny_Jeans_Reed_krakoff_booties_chriselle_lim_3 Rich_and_skinny_Jeans_Reed_krakoff_booties_chriselle_lim_2 Rich_and_skinny_Jeans_Reed_krakoff_booties_chriselle_lim_5

{Rich & Skinny relaxed Ankle crop jean}



Photography by Jana From Alabama

When all else fails…. just throw on some killer heels, bold accessories, & of course a smile :) Have a beautiful day loves!



JEANS- *Rich & Skiny Jeans 

SHIRT- Mossimo via Target

NECKLACE- Lionette

BELT- courtesy of the Hubbys closet ;)

PURSE- *Rebecca Minkoff

SHOES- Reed Krakoff




  • So simple, yet I have never mastered the whole – half tuck;half untucked shirt style D:
    I think that your booties bring the whole look together! – love them (:

  • why do i feel like this is a coca cola endorsement? haha but a beautiful post anyways, chriselle has a rare combination of elegance and modesty that really shows

  • I love an outfit like this!! Simple, yet so interesting when you’ve got killer heels, sunglasses, and of course, a beautiful girl ;) Love the heels!!

  • Love the jeans! I did something similar today for class too, medium dark skinnies, a cotton tee, floral scarf and light arm swag, and some loafers for class.

  • Hi Chriselle!
    I live in Hong Kong and I’m a college student who panics every night before school don’t know what to wear!Especially under this hot weather, layering becomes difficult. I am a bit chubby and not too confident about my shape so I can’t really go out with just tanks and shorts. Please give us some suggestions on school outfits in hot weather!! Would appreciate it a lot!! Thanks!! :)

  • My dear Chriselle! You are so beautiful and amazing and possess such an impeccable sense of style. However, as your expertise has proven thus far, you are the opposite to simplicity when it comes to styling. Not that it’s a bad thing though. – honest comment from a loyal follower.

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