Wanted to share a few editorial inspiration for the long weekend! I’m about to head out to the beach for the long weekend,  but I didn’t want  to keep this to myself! There are some KILLER deals right now, and I Don’t want you to miss out on all of these great Memorial Day sales going on. So I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite places to shop plus links & discount codes for you to take advantage of! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND & HAPPY SHOPPING!!








Images via FashionGoneRogue


ASOS: click HERE to take 20% off everything with code TAKE20 

Piperlime: click HERE to get up to 40% off t their designer sale

Nordstrom: click HERE for the HALF YEARLY SALE, shop select items for fall and save up to 40%

Gorjana: click HERE to save an extra 40% off sale items when you use code SUMMERTIME at checkout

Juicy Couture: click HERE to get 20% off your purchase of $100 or more with code RMNJC20

Macy’s: click HERE to take 25% off your purchase of $100 with code ICONS

Madewell: click HERE to take 20% off Ts, Tanks, & Shorts with code SUMMERNOW

Anthropologie: click HERE to enjoy free shipping on all orders $150 + with code LONGWEEKEND

Coach: click HERE to get up to 30% off at their Semi- Anual Shoe Sale

Shopbop: click HERE for new markdowns for memorial day

Victoria’s Secret: click HERE to shop the annual swimwear sale, and get up to 40% off select bathing suits






  • I love the prints and pictures you’ve chosen to show us! I can’t wait to start shopping now…although, I’m sure my wallet can :P

  • Chriselle, I agree with Erica. These images are unhealthy. As a ‘responsible blogger’ with young girls following you, you should not be endorsing such unhealthy body image.

    • Hello, I’m thankful for your comment & the previous!. When I say I find these photos inspirational I meant that the fashion & artistic summer feel of them is what inspired me. I honestly was not inspired by their size it wasn’t something that crossed my mind. But I am so thankful for your feedback & I will do a better job of keeping an eye out of these types of things in future posts! Thanks again! xoxo <3

  • Inspiring? Are we looking at the same photos? I’m shocked at you Chriselle, why would you be in support of such unrealistic shots if “beauty”. It’s one thing if these women are naturally thin, but another to show such obviously unhealthy figures, such as the first photo and call it “inspiring”. Do you think of your viewers at all? How can you show support for a healthy lifestyle and then show photos like this. I hope you acknowledge your actions. These ideas of beauty give young girls and women the wrong ideas about their bodies. And it’s wrong to show these to the world as if its natural and beautiful when it’s not. Beauty isn’t thinness or clothes. Thats an ugly kind of fashion. And if that’s the kind of fashion you want to show the world through your blog and videos then, I was misled by your media; and would definitely no longer be sharing a part in the viewings.

    Good luck in your future endeavors. Peace.

    • Hi Marlene, thank you for your message & concern. I’m sorry that these were offensive to you. I honestly found these images inspirational because of the summer feel, swimsuits , fashion and artist feel of the photos. The size of the women didn’t cross my mind, it was more of the fashion and artistic feel of the photos that grabbed my attention. But I thank you for letting me know that this is what you get from this post and I will be more aware of the impression photos leave for my future posts. I wish you the best as well,& I hope you know I appreciate your feedback!


  • Hi Chriselle. Watched the last 3 posts and loved them! Since I’ve found you just this month, thought it’d be a good idea to check your other videos “ from DIY, fashion to personal life! ” on YouTube! “ wanted to know you better ” Have already covered more than half and didn’t even realize how many I watched in one sitting! You’re such a joy…
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the links above and have a beautiful weekend!
    Much love

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