Lately I’ve been gravitating towards wearing hues of blue on my nails. As you saw during my trip to New York here when I had my nails painted in a lovely light blue for the ball I attended. Since then I have been switching between a few other shades  closely resembling that same blue. I wanted to share a few of my current favorite blue nail nailpolishes in this post today. I love how it gives my nail a subtle pop like it did when I wore a similar color dress here and how it perfectly matches the dress I wore to my mini stay-cation here.


The color I’m currently wearing is more of a “Tiffany Blue” color which is more of a borderline blue and green color. This transfers over from my love of green hues as well.


Sometimes in between my touch ups of blue polish I’ve take small breaks  alternating between the different hues and sometimes changing it to white like I did when I attended an event last week here or pink like I did here.  But I keep going back to blue, because it’s the perfect color to wear for a fun night out, but muted enough to wear to a business meeting like I did here 

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I know I will go through this phase of blue and move on to my forever favorite pinks etc. but for now I’m loving the look of these cooler more muted colors on my tips.

What color are you gravitating towards as of lately?


1. Jin Soon Poppy Blue  2.M.A.C  Taste Temptation 3. Estee Lauder Pure Color 4. Nordstrom Snow Fall 5.Essie Blue Rhapsody  6. Essie Blues 7.& 8. Dior Birds of Paradise Nail Duo


photography by Stacey Esteban


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