In my latest video, Chriselle’s Favorites- Summer Dresses I share some of my favorite dresses for this season. Dresses are so perfect for the summer, since they are quick chic outfits to throw on without having to put much thought into. So if you want to spend your summer soaking up the sun with your friends and not staring at your closet, I suggest you check out my Top 5 Summer dresses for easy outfits for all your summer festivities!  I’ve included everything from lace & denim to Cut-outs & color.

summer dresses collage

|1.Three Floor Forget Me Not Dress|2. Topshop Moto Acid Denim Pini Dress|3. Dolce Vita Valentina Dress|4.Finders Keepers You Sent me Dress |5. Sauce Love Dress|



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