You might remember this tweed skirt from this post HERE , and this yellow knit sweater from this post HERE. What I love most about transitional seasons is that i’m able to transfer over my winter pieces and re wear them without all the layers! It’s that season again to clean out your closets, and let go of those pieces that you’ve been holding on to with your dear life….

Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_8 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_6 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_7 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_9 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_1 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_2 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_3 Cynthia_vincent_Sweater_Isabel_marant_milwaukee_botts_Asos_tweed_skirt_Celine_pythong_box_purse_Chriselle_lim_4

|PHOTOGRAPHY by- Stacey Esteban |

I started my spring cleaning a few days ago, and realized there are A LOT of pieces that I absolutely love but simply have been sitting in my closet for months now, and pieces that i’ve worn once and probably won’t wear  again. so I have some exciting news for all my LA readers…..


I’ll be selling pieces from my closet {clothes, shoes, accesories} this saturday along with  some of my favorite blogger friends Song Of StyleSincerely Jules, Wendy’s Lookbook, Late Afternoon, & Peace Love Shea! This event will be held this Saturday, April  6th, from 1pm -5 pm in downtown LA (look in the flyer for the address) ! There will be food trucks, drinks, music, & Free manis by NCLA!

Whether you decide to shop or not, I would love to finally meet all of my LA followers!! can’t wait!




SWEATER |  Cynthia Vincent (mirrored options- HERE & HERE


| SUNGLASSES |Michael Kors Aviators (reallly love these HERE)

| SHOES | Isabel Marant {mirrored option HERE}


| PURSE | Celine {mirrored option HERE}


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