The fashion of the 1920′s was glamorous, sultry, dramatic & daring. Some of the things they wore during that time, like head pieces and stacks & stacks of bracelets, would have given the arm swag and hats of today a run for our  money. That is exactly why I’ve recently been inspired by this era of fashion, for all the reasons I just mentioned, but also because it really embodies what I think a woman is. Most women love dressing up for a night out and feeling glamorous and sexy . Whether we are wearing a bold lip color to be daring, like I often do, or throwing on a big necklace for a dramatic statement, we all have a bit of 1920′s inspiration running through our veins.  These particular photos are from a Vogue Germany editorial that I just fell in love with!

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Speaking of dressing up for special events and getting glam, I’m in New York right now for a collaboration with Tiffany & Co preparing for the unveiling of The Great Gatsby Collection and  to attend the very special Blue book gala. I can’t wait to share more with you about my experience at these two events!  So check back to see more updates!



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