One of my biggest challenges running a business from home was finding enough space to film, style, and meet clients. We found ourselves struggling to deliver the best quality videos due to lack of space we had. A few months back a space opened up an office in downtown LA which was a lot larger in space than what I was anticipating, but we decided to go for it! Now looking back it’s possibly the best investment I have ever made….we are A LOT more efficient with our time, and we’ve been able to deliver quality videos/content that I’ve always envisioned!



But yesterday we went back to our old stomping grounds…STARBUCKS. Our internet went out as soon as we got into the office and that is something we cannot do without. So the Chriselle Inc girls and I quickly packed up our things and worked out of Starbucks all morning. This included me having to get ready for a meeting I had later in the afternoon, in the middle of the cafe . So since I’ve been getting a lot of requests on my daily beauty routine, I thought this would be a good time to show you what it consists of!




These are the products I use every single day and cannot go without! I would probably turn the car around if I ever forgot one of these at home!

1. BB Cream- This is a recent purchase from The Face Shop, it is a Korean brand. This particular BB cream is my favorite because it is lightweight, it provides great coverage and has a high SPF! It gives me the dewy skin look that I like to go for during the day time. You can find another amazing HD BB creame here

2.Shesheido Natural Finish Cream Concealer- I’ve been on the search for the perfect concealer and this one is it for me. It covers the dark circles that I get from my lack of sleep and it has become my best friend .

3. Waterproof Brow Mascara- I found this one by CLIO at a beauty store in Korea town. The best part of this is the mascara wand brush. It makes it so easy to apply for girls like me that are on the go!

4. Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner- I love anything that is an easy application. I’ve been obsessed with this Stila smudge eyeliner. I always find myself in a rush to a next meeting like this day… so things that are smudge-able are a good thing. I like to wear this liner close to my lash line so it barely looks like I have any on.. but just enough to give my eyes a lift! I also like the taupe color because it is not as harsh as black.

5.Maybelline Super Stain Gloss – This is possibly the best invention ever for coffee lovers like me! I love how lip stains leave a very natural color on your lip, without it looking like you have lipstick on. It gives off a very natural look. The best part is that when you drink coffee, it won’t remove the color from your lips or leave marks on your cup… one of my pet peeves!

6. Eyeshadow- This Victoria’s Secret palette has the perfect neutral colors for the day time. It has a beautiful bronze shimmer to it… and since I don’t like to wear too much color during the day,I like to use the shadows in this palette because this gives the perfect little glow to my eyes. And the pink and gold packaging has me obsessed!

Let me know if you guys like beauty posts like this. If so, tell me what you would like to see!




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