Yesterday we revealed the Tadashi Shoji campaign images, but today today I wanted to share with you the  story behind the video.

When we were brainstorming concepts for this project, I knew within a heartbeat that we needed to include my mom. About 8 months ago, during the wedding planning madness, I took my mom shopping at South Coast Plaza and ended up spending the entire day at the Tadashi Shoji store. I had no idea how much she loved the brand at the time, until I saw the look on her face as she tried on each gown, a few of them even had her dancing around with joy,as you guys might remember from this post HERE.

It was a few months after our wedding that Tadashi Shoji gave me a call in regards to collaborating with them on their 30th anniversary collection. On our first meeting with the team, my mind was racing with different ideas, but for some reason flashes of my mom’s smile & laughter from my wedding day appeared in my head. And within minutes…I knew exactly what the concept behind this video would be about.

BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_1 BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_2 We flew in my mom in a few days before the shoot for her fitting. As my mom has never been on camera you could tell that she was EXTREMELY nervous. She kept saying that she didn’t want to disappoint me, and that she wanted to make sure she made our fans happy! BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_4 BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_3

As the day went on mama Lim started warming up to the camera. Her smile got a little bigger and she laughed more and more throughout the shoot! Seeing her beam with pure happiness was definitely the highlight of my day!

BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_6

Sharing this amazing experience with my mom is something I will treasure forever… and just like when we were picking out her dress for my wedding, I am reminded once again, why I love doing what I do.  BTS_Tadashi_Shoji_30th_Anniversary_Chriselle_lim_7

 Thank you so much Tadashi Shoji for the opportunity to collaborate with you on such an amazing project. It has definitely been such an unforgettable experience to work with a brand that I have always admired and loved. Many thanks to my mama Lim for being a part of this project, making it even more special to me, for making us all laugh the entire day and for all of the love and support!


And of course the team…this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of talented artist. First & foremost our amazing Chriselle INC team…All the girls worked so hard from  the AM schlepping around clothes and last minute runs around town. Veronica Nunez for beautifying my mom & I, and especially making my mom feel like a queen! Jessica- for your amazing eye  of light and really helping us take our shoot to the next level, Jana- for always delivering more than what was asked for, your energy, your vision and for all of the positivity you share with the team. The Tadashi Shoji girls- Alica & Alesia thanks for believing in us and for your support throughout this journey!Having a vision is one thing, but being able to bring it to life is another.  Blessed for such an amazing team!

Lastly, to all of you .. thank you for all of your support! Reading your sweet comments, words of encouragement or sharing with me your goals and dreams inspire me everyday! You have also taken part by helping me make my moms dreams come to life and I am so thankful!



Produced by Chriselle INC// Photos  by Jana Williams  //  styled by + featuring Chriselle Lim //  Location at Chriselle Inc. Studios// hair  & makeup by Veronica Nunez // cinematography by The Boyers



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