7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_5 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_9 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_4 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_8 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_3 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_6 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_1 7_for_All_Mankind_floral_isabel_Marant_strappy_heels_Herve_Leger_cap_7

Photography by- Stacey Esteban

Hi my loves! Since I didn’t update yesterday I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today was the first day back in the office! I’ve been playing catch up ever since we got back from New York, but no matter how many sleepless nights it seems as if i’m still weeks behind.  We were planning to head out to Paris on Thursday for fashion week, but had to cancel last minute due to a major project we are working on. *sigh, I guess Paris is going to have to wait until next season.

 Anyways, as most of you guys know, i’ve always had a feminine & girly aesthetic , but lately i’ve adopted  some sportiness into my wardrobe.  Channeling my inner Sporty Spice!



Jeans- 7 For All Mankind

Jacket- Juicy Couture

Shirt- Rory Beca

Cap- Herve Leger

Purse- Zara

Shoes- Isabel Marant  (on sale)

Necklace- Lionette

Bracelet- Gorjana

Belt- C. Wonder 


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