Neon in NY

Alexander_wang_Chriselle_Lim_Fashion_week_NY_Lincoln_Center_FW_2013_3Alexander_wang_Chriselle_Lim_Fashion_week_NY_Lincoln_Center_FW_2013_1Alexander_wang_Chriselle_Lim_Fashion_week_NY_Lincoln_Center_FW_2013_2 Alexander_wang_Chriselle_Lim_Fashion_week_NY_Lincoln_Center_FW_2013_4Alexander_wang_Chriselle_Lim_Fashion_week_NY_Lincoln_Center_FW_2013

Photography by- Ryan Chua

Jumping on a flight in about 3 hours to head back home to LA! Cant believe that NY fashion week is all over now! I’m so glad that I was able to take you guys along this journey with me, and I hope you guys enjoyed it just as much as I did sharing it with yall!

This outfit was my day 4 outfit…I wanted to bring in a splash of neon into Nemo! Will continue to update for the next few days the rest of my fashion week outfits! Although i’m extremely excited to be sleeping in my own bed tonight…. i’m already missing new york! ’til next time!! I Heart NY <3



Top- Alexander Wang 

Skirt- Alexander Wang

Boots- Reed Krakoff

Jacket- Zara

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

Purse- Celine



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  • Mira says:

    Super cute. Love the neon skirt <3



  • julieanne says:

    Lovely as usual Chriselle 🙂 Please check out my blog, you inspired me to create my own!

  • Ashleigh says:

    Love the jacket paired with your jacket♥

  • Ashleigh says:

    Love the neon paired with the jacket ♥

  • Monica says:

    I love the neon yellow!

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