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Can you believe that Valentines Day is only a few days away?? I’m excited to share with you this Valentines Day video in partnership with one of my favorite lines Joie! Check out the behind the scenes for this video below….and all the yummy food I had to eat for it!!



Started shootin early at the office in the AM!Got my coffee in one hand..and i’m ready!!!


Tea party at the Chriselle INC office!


Before Mignon changed into his first look!


 First scene  having a ball with my baby Mignon! Care for some tea????


Only for you guys would I go thru this many cupcakes to get the perfect shot! Atleast I didnt eat the frosting 😛


Second scene! The Chriselle INC girls and I had so much fun set designing this video!


Afternoon Fuit & Champagne….i mean  apple juice.

Let me know what you guys thought of the video! We edited it in a different style and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

We had so much fun set designing all 4 different scenes!

Which outfit was your favorite?? Brunch, Picnic, Night Our, or Night in???




  • Mira says:

    The video is super lovely. My fav is the second last look :)
    You had a lot of yummy things to eat.




  • Sarah says:

    Love your ideas for switching up the look of a dress! And those flowers hanging in the background are too cute!

  • Doris says:

    Hi Chriselle! Is that dress you wore in stores at Joie? I can’t seem to find it on their site. Thanks!

  • Huyen says:

    really loved that tutorial, you really styled that dress in so many different and versatile ways!

  • Aldís Amah Hamilton says:

    Such a fun video! As usual. Last outfit was my fave!

  • TinaciousMe says:

    Aww have tea with your dog! what a cute idea!

  • Ichraq says:

    thats a great idea! i never thought of layering my dresses with skirts! it just looks so chic! thanks for the advice :)

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