Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_1 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_2 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_3 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_5 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_4 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_10 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_8 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_11 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_13 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_12 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_7 Cynthia_vincent_python_blouse_David_Kahn_jeans_Celine_Luggage_taupe_6

Photography by- Jana Williams

Another manically beautiful day here in downtown LA! We’ve been running from meetings to meetings , and managed to sneak in some outfit pix in between. As you guys know i’m obsessed with accessories, but another obsession of mine is BELTS! I was quite saddened in between my move about 4 months ago as I thought we lost my collection of belts…hence the reason why I havnt been wearing as many belts as I used to. But to my surprise we found the BELT BOX (yes, I had an entire box for just my belts) the other day as we were cleaning out the storage!!! I screamed , jumped for joy, and ran around the house a few times!!   This particular belt I found at a vintage store in Portland, Oregon and instantly fell in love with the gold brocade hardware! The best part about this belt was that it was only $8!! As they say…. One man’s trash, another mans treasure!!

My mom flew in last night to work on a special project with me that I cant quite reveal yet, but make sure to follow me on instagram & twitter…to see some of our mommy & daughter updates!!!



Blouse- Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent

Jeans- David Kahn

Tweed Jacket- Zara (old but similar one HERE)

Shoes- J.W Anderson for ALDO

Belt- Vintage

Purse- Celine

Necklace – Jennifer Zeuner



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