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When your  on the road it’s all about traveling light and mixing & matching. I’ve worn this striped T  HERE , this chambray button up HERE, and of course this hat on yeterday’s blog post HERE. There’s something about a flowy pleated skirt that gives you the urge to twirl around like a little girl. I actually wore this skirt last year during fashion week…and I cant believe that NY fashion week is just around the corner once again! I didn’t realize how soon fashion week was until I received some invitations today!

Fashion week always happens to land on Valentines Day, which mean the hubby & I always celebrate a week before of the week after. I’m thinking about taking him up to Sunstone Winery & Villa this year, since I cannot get enough of  this tuscan romance!

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but we started blogging twice a day! So make sure to check back in mid day… everyday! Would love to know what  else would you  like to see on here beyond outfit photos? Let me know in the coments below!



Hat- BCBG (similar one HERE)

Denim Shirt- Club Monaco

Shirt- Juicy Couture (similar one HERE)

SKirt- BCBG (similar one HERE)

Shoes- Chloe

Choker Necklace- Jennifer Zeuner

Silver Bullet Necklace- Plukka

Cuff- BCBG (similar style HERE)



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