I have been getting many requests from readers/viewers on my fitness, eating habits, & diet to maintain my shape. As most of you know i {unfortunately} suffer from  a HUGE sweet tooth. Although it may seem as if I eat macarons everyday without exercising..that is completely FALSE! It’s all about living a balanced life & maintaining a good healthy diet. I’m about to share with you  3 out of 20 of my diet secrets that help me maintain a healthy body!

{Note that the following are simply things that works for me, and does NOT mean that it will work for everyone.}

1.  Kombucha (pictured above)- I drink a bottle every morning! I found that Kombucha  gives me just as much energy as my morning coffee, and at the same time helps me detox my body!


2.  I Carry  my Life Factory glass water bottle filled with H20 all day! I’m constantly drinking water all day long to replenish my body! Carrying around a cute pink water bottle is a constant reminder for me to drink more water!!  I’ve noticed a significance difference in my skin once I started to drink  6-8 glasses a day!


3. I Snack ALL DAY on macarons fresh fruit and greens! When i’m at the office i’m usually snacking all day long!! I usually like to have a mixture of both sweet & savory. If i’m craving something sweet i’ll snack on my box of fresh blueberries, and if i’m craving something savory ill eat my Kale chips! I’m obsessed with the Southwest Ranch flavor of the Kale Krunch- it’s quite spicy!

So those are a few ways on how I keep my body in shape & healthy.Let me know if you guys would like to know the rest of my diet/fitness secrets!




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