{L} Hubby with the far east movement boys. reunited with old friends on a saturday night!

{R} finished filming a video last night that will be going up today wearing a denim+ lace Guess shirt. 01_28_Chriselle_Lim

{L} Afternoon stroll with Mignon. My shoes match him!

{R} Filming day for our Valentines Series!!


{L} Pretty flowers from Tadashi Shoji <3

{R} Brunch- Quinoa + Black Coffee


{L} Saturday night grubbin with the party crew and our Chef Pursuit Of Food

{R} Chef Pursuit Of Food’s first dish 01_28_Chriselle_Lim_6

{L} Outfit of the night- white on white with a pop of color!

{R} reunited with Proh from Far east movement01_28_Chriselle_Lim_5

{L} With the beautiful Donna Antebi at her beautiful house on a saturday night

{R} Shinning Chandelier at Donnas Antebi’s home! 01_28_Chriselle_Lim_4

{L} Rockin a fuschia pink lip!

{R} Dining at Donna’s beautiful home filled with amazing art!01_28_Chriselle_Lim_3

{L} A crazy morning

{R} A healthy morning01_28_Chriselle_Lim_2

{L} Aimee’s Givenchy + Schutz booties. My Celine + Isabel Marant booties

{R} Love my girl Aimee…Girlfriends with swag!




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