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2 days left and counting!!! Can’t wait to chat it up with you guys this Wednesday evening , December 12th at 6pm PST (8pm CT/9pm ET).  As mentioned last week HERE we partnered up with Jockey + Rachel Zoe to help all of our lovely followers to look & feel their best this holiday season!!! I know it can be quite challenging to fit into that tight dress that you love so much….all while remaining comfortable after eating all that yummy holiday food, right??  So  get your questions & concerns ready because we’re about to have a real intimate girl to girl talk about everything that goes underneath- bras, panties, the whole shabang!!! (No boys allowed!! Unless you’re planning to buy your girlfriend some intimates :P)

It will be an hour long intimate conversation between me & you, and  because we really want you to feel AMAZING this holiday we’ll be giving away giftcards every 10 minutes during the live chat on Wednesday!

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Who: Be sure to follow your host @CHRISELLEtweets and @Jockey

So mark your calendars…get ready to talk real intimately about intimates!!

Do you guys have any questions that you want me to cover during the live chat? Please leave a comment down below with any comments, questions, or concerns! It can be regarding your body shape, holiday party outfits, pairings, shapewear that can slim you down, etc. I will randomly be selecting a question from YOU to pose during the twitter party and I  will also personally answer  all your questions in the comment section below!!

Ready set GO- get your questions on!!


 P.S If you havnt RSVPd yet make sure you do HERE because 1. I want to know who I will be talking to on Wednesday and 2. you will be eligible to win some prizes even before the livechat begins!! 


  • melody0606 says:

    Had some followup questions I wanted to ask as well!
    1) How do you travel with bras? What is the best way?
    2) How do you fix or remove creases in your bras?
    Lots of Love! 🙂

  • Mady T. says:

    love the dress and the skirt! It’s hard to find a perfect sequence skirt…



  • Gia says:

    I’m always too scared to wear those stick on strapless bras. I feel like they’re gonna fall off. Also especially after all those horrible experiences from my friends of bras falling off during a wedding or something. What can I do to ensure it doesnt fall out? Or are they just exaggerating and I can trust that those bras wont fall off?

  • Samantha says:

    Hi, Chriselle! I am going to be having an engagement shoot at the beach while I’m at home in LA for the holidays. My fiance and I wanted to pay tribute to my west coast roots by making sure to include palm trees and the shore. What recommendations do you have (wardrobe-wise) to give the relaxed California vibe but still look chic?

  • abbie says:

    no matter what bra I try…my boobs always bounce around..can yous uggest what bra to try to keep them in place ?

  • Katrine says:

    Where did you get the leopard agenda? It’s so chic! <3

  • Chiazz says:

    Can you please cover “how to dress if you don’t have a behind nor breasts?” plus if you are also really short… because I find it hard to find clothes that suit me perfectly 🙁

  • Love it!

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  • Kei says:

    Hi Chriselle! This is so great! It’s kind of like an all girls sleepover party 😉
    Here is my question: There has been a lot of fashion bloggers out there that have been wearing very sheer blouses and only a bra under. Part of me thinks that this is very revealing…or is this fashion? Why does showing cleavage from a low cut top = for my lack of words “skanky” or “promiscuous”, while showing your entire bra under a blouse is fashionable?
    I really don’t want to offend anyone, I’m just curious.
    So if you were to style this bra that you are now showing off, what type of bra would you wear under a sheer blouse? 🙂


  • May says:

    Hi Chriselle.

    I don’t have a perfect figure. How do I wear a body-hugging dress (one that requires seamless panties) so that my tummy will be less obvious? Those body contouring undergarment might be unsightly if the material is thin and tends to stick to our bodies. What should I do?

  • Sarah says:

    Same, I’ve been avoiding these.
    But looks great on you Chriselle

  • Mira says:

    The first look is gorgeous <3



  • Ladidadi says:

    Hi Chriselle, I can’t attend the livechat because I’m in Sydney and the times dont match but I hope you can answer the following…maybe in a video:
    -I have a dress that is a deep v both at the front and the back area. I can’t wear a bra with it. Chicken fillets might be the answer, but I also want to try hollywood tape. But I’m not that good with it! Help
    – I have an amazing pair of cobalt blue heels. What outfits do you suggest will go well with it? What colours/shapes?
    -I have pretty ok legs and chest, but my weight goes straight to my tummy. How can I team a mini skirt so it’ll flatter my body rather than accentuate my mid-section?

    Thanks!! You’re wonderful! 🙂

  • Kristi says:

    Such beautiful shots! I love the purple sheer blouse – gorgeous xoxo

  • Charity says:

    Hey Chriselle!
    My question is, what is the best type of undergarment for a plus size girl? I’m just an XL, which isn’t huge, but I have a few lumps and bumps I’d like to smooth out. I have a big Christmas party coming up, and I have a beautiful red, vintage style, A-line dress by Elle. Think Audrey Hepburn… 😉 I’m just not sure where to start when looking when it comes to this type of thing. Most of the undergarments for larger women are pretty ugly, but honestly every girl wants to feel a little sexy even if no one can see it. lol So basically I need a sexy, suportive, smoothing undergarment that will flatter under a sleeveless holiday dress. Thanks Chriselle!

  • Momcounsel says:

    Thanks so much – I’ve never worn shapewear and since I’ve had 2 kids I’m thinking I should – what’s a good starter piece? Something belly toning?

  • melody0606 says:

    Hey Chriselle!

    I’ve been following you for a while, and I know you’re a huge fan of intimates from VS, but personally I find them to be on the pricey side.

    1) Where would you recommend purchasing high quality but affordable undergarments?
    2) As of right now I’ve been buying my intimates from TJMaxx and Ross, but how can I be sure that I’m buying something (like a bra) that is going to last me a decent number of wears?
    3) How do you care for bras that are made of delicate fabrics that are starting to fray or threads are coming undone after one wear or wash?

    Lots of Love!

  • Elli says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing your awesome tips with us 🙂

    My question is: When I wear black tights and a black dress, what shoes should I wear? Can I go for something colorful?

    xoxo elli

  • Diana says:

    Love it!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  • Kimmi says:

    What’s a busty girl to do in a backless dress? I’ve just been avoiding them, but my NYE dress is backless :S

  • HeeJue Hong says:

    I have a few questions.
    1. What kind of bra do you wear with dresses that show the back (backless)?
    2. What kind of bra do you wear for strapless clothing?
    3. How do you wear sheer blouses and shirts? Because wearing a tank underneath is what I do but it looks tacky.
    4. When wearing a bandeau is that the only thing one wears? Does it not slip because mine do.
    5. LAST QUESTION 🙂 What do you wear underneath a bandeau that is purely fabric?

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