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Imperfections + Insecurities

Photography by Jana Williams 

After years of having my hair parted to the side, I finally decided to conquer my fears and change it up! For as long as I can remember I always hid behind my side part +  volumimous hair.   This may come off  as immature or silly, but in grade school kids would poke fun at my large forehead , and  at a very young age it was planted in my head that I needed to cover it up! Isn’t it crazy how certain words, no matter how big or small,   can stick with you for life? After my hairstylist friend Yuri Sinata gave me this new hairdo, I felt renewed, empowered, and excited to not only have a new look, but also felt confident in my own skin!

I’ve never really talked about my “insecurities” publicly online, but that’s one of the few!!! I guess the moral of the story is EVERYONE has their own insecurities, but it’s all about finding the beauty in your imperfections and embracing them!!

HAPPY MONDAY loves! Hope your day is filled with words of encouragement, laughter, & love!


Jacket- Muubaa  (same jacket in a blush color HERE), Blouse- Joie, Jeans- Goldsign , Shoes- Isabel Marant , Necklace- Juicy Couture , Purse- Givenchy , Rings- Loud Love Jewelry , Chain Bracelet- HRH collection , Watch- Daniel Wellington 


  • fkxoxo says:

    You look older with this hairdo

  • kiki says:

    I soooo understand what words could do to a young girl,i have always been tall and thin and people would always make fun of me and call me names.
    They even go as far as push me to see if I would fall like a tree…fun right?
    well even tho i’m still young I learned to love my high my bones and my self!

  • Amanda Lor says:

    It looks great! the most beautiful thing in the world is when we face our fear. and you did that, which makes you glow even more as a person :).

  • Steph says:

    I have the same insecurity. My big forehead, the shape of my nose, and elongated chin doesnt compliment each other esp when side viewed.

  • Dee says:

    Ohhh, and I think you look so gorgeous with this hairstyle and was secretly admiring when I read this! Thank God you conquered your insecurity on this matter because you are extremely beautiful and I can’t find any single fault in your face. :) xo

  • Mawiyah says:

    First off your forehead isn’t big – it’s round! I have a round forehead too – LOL – I used to conceal it – now I embrace it :) Looking gorgeous lady! WE all have insecurities – so glad you shared one of yours – it helps the world when we’re honest! Stay Chic!

  • Chriselle, you really look beautiful either way, I really mean it!!

  • Mari says:

    Pretty pretty!!

  • Alyssa says:

    Honestly, your forehead isn’t big at all. It’s perfectly proportionate to the rest of your face. You are beautiful and shouldn’t have anything to be insecure about, that I can see! A lot of girls would trade places with you in a heartbeat!

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  • Mooij says:

    I totally disagree with the kids that called your forehead large. I personally prefer a ‘bigger’ forehead over a small one (Kylie Jenner like). You look lovely with this style!

  • Kristi says:

    You’re wonderful, Chriselle! Thank you for sharing this story – I wore bangs my entire life because I grew up with my mom telling me that I needed bangs! This past New Years I decided to ‘rethink’ old habits and decide if they still worked for me and one of them was my bangs – I made a New Year’s resolution to grow them out and now I’m so happy with my hair! They are below my chin now and even my mom tells me how nice my hair looks without bangs. Thanks so much for sharing your story – you’re so beautiful xoxo

  • Clare says:

    People at school were idiots, There’s nothing wrong with you at all. I like this hair style, it makes you look younger and fun where as big hair is lovely but it was quite formal which can add years on sometimes. Whenever I straighten my hair I instantly look younger :)
    Clare x

  • jodi says:

    You look great! I too, have been paranoid about my large forehead since childhood and have tried to use a fringe (aka bangs) to cover it but I have thin oily roots but I tend to pin it back anyway. So yah to us! Here’s more to loving ourselves and what God has given us :)

  • Claudia says:

    I just started following your blog a couple of days ago and love your tips and tutorials! To be honest, the first thing I did notice was how outdated your hairstyle was (I KNEW it had to be one of those hairstyles you had for so long but were afraid to let go type of deal), until the stars lined up and you JUST changed your hair! I think you look fresher, and coming from a high and wide foreheaded girl myself (my hubby teases me and tells me I don’t have a forehead but a fivehead, get it?), the middle part actually camouflages your forehead a lot better than a side part. You look great!

  • Yasmeen M. says:

    Wow! I think your new hair makes you look sexy ;D Very “come hither” if I may be so bold to say :)

  • Maddie says:

    I prefer it this way! It looks so stunning on you and seriously brings out your features because your face is so symmetrical! I don’t think your forehead is that big really, but lots of supermodels are known for having larger foreheads so it isn’t a bad thing! Love the outfit too :) xxx

  • Shayna says:

    Coming from the heart, you look and have always looked breathtaking. I still struggle with my own insecurities but I’m learning everyday to love and accept myself 100 percent.
    You are an inspiration. <3

  • French Navy says:

    I love this post! I have the exact same insecurity and will be embracing the center part this season! Love your hair both ways. x

  • Gari says:

    Yes, finding the BEAUTY in our selves!!!

  • Anna says:

    Your hair immediately stood out to me before I knew this had anything to do with your hair. You look stunning and with your hair like this you are even more of a stand out than before. The kids in secondary school knew this, that’s why they told you stuff. You look amazing with either hairstyle. Your blog and videos are some of my very favorite. Keep smiling. :)

  • Karen says:

    I have the same insecurity, I love my side part, I wear it everyday! I’ve parted my hair down the middle when I’m by myself, but I just can’t bring myself to do it public. But you look great with a middle part and of course with your side part :)

  • Avilene Cueto says:

    Chriselle, I totally understand you! I am so insecure about parting my hair through the middle because when I was little people would make fun of my large forehead and my fluffy hair. So for about 8 years I have been straightening my hair and parting my hair on the side since kindergarten!

  • Ashleigh says:

    To be honest, your hair looks better and the outfit is very cute. It is nice to change once in a while, regardless of what people think. You don’t have a big forehead at all. I can see more light in your face. I’ll admit I’m a little insecure about my height because I’ve always been the tall kid in class or around my friends. Now, I use it to my advantage and all of my friends grew taller than me anyway. Keep up the great work you do ^_^

  • Sydne says:

    You look gorgeous in the middle part! I was made fun of as a child because of my large forehead too. Consequently, I’ve had the same side part hairstyle since I was 16. It’s very rare I’ll try the middle part. Glad you faced your fears. Love the change!

  • Angeles says:

    At the first time I want to tell you this hairstyle is perfect, absolutely perfect. I don’t see any problem with the feature of your forehead, I think your face is in harmonize ……butttttt, To be honest I absolutely love your old hairstyle because to me is totally diferent, I mean, here in Spain women have the same hairstyle and when I saw you, you look like different, glamourous, unique…but, It is true that the fashion is something more that It’s wearing different clothes…..sometimes is necessary a change, a new hairstyle is a good idea….

  • Victoria says:

    I think your hair looks gorgeous, really, this suits you so well :)
    i believe that words can really change how we behave and feel, so one more reason to think about what we say.

  • MlleW says:

    wow, I love your new hair and thank you for sharing your story behind it. Your forehead is actually not large at all, but in balance with your face. I have similar “insecurities” of not wanting bangs for having a small forehead :), it’s such a woman’s thing and we should not stick too much of what idiotic people once said to us…

  • Lia says:

    you look so amazing with this hairstyle :)

  • Jen says:

    Um, you just parted your hair different and straighten it a little, but you act like you cut 10 inches of. LOL

  • cathy shim says:

    You need bangs. Side swept bangs. It’s about playing with illusion when it comes to hair and face.

  • Nora Marie says:

    Everybody has insecurities… Though I don’t see any reason why you should, your forehead looks perfect to me. And I can’t take my eyes off of these photos, your hair looks so gorgeous! Your old hair style also looked great, but this one just takes my breath away, you look stunning! You are so beautiful. It really brings out your beautiful face shape, and your eyes really spark with that hair color. :)

  • Jul says:

    You look gorgeous!

  • ling says:

    actually, from the title, i was looking to a list (more than one)… not 5 fashion photos and 1 issue…

  • Chriselle, you’re gorgeous: I bet you’d look gorgeous even with a lettuce as headband!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I’d never thought you could have any insecurities! I can’t tell you my insecurities… not enough space in this comment section 😉

  • Maren says:





  • Nina says:

    Your Beautiful Chriselle , And thank you for sharing that with us … It makes see how we not alone there’s many people with insecurities and being bullied certainly helps that even more. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger , that’s why u an amazing person , thanks for sharing all ur positive self to us we appreciate it all , and give us insispiration to grab the things we already have and use imagination , being chic doesn’t mean u need to spend lots of money but using what u have … Keep being Chic Chriselle ,Thank you xoxo Nina

  • Dilek says:

    To be honest, I like your hair either way. With this current hairstyle, you look bolder and stronger whereas with your hair parted to the side you looked cuter. Personally, I liked your old hairstyle better, but I’m also loving this one. As you said, as long as you feel good, that is all that matters. And yes, kids making fun of you sticks with you the longest, but I too learned to embrace my imperfections. I like this quote from Ms. Congeniality: “People care about people who care about themselves”, so I too learned to care about myself more than caring about what other people think.

    Either way, you look awesome and from all the fashion bloggers, you remain my favorite.

  • shamenth says:

    amazing look love pics

  • Alicia says:

    You look ten times better with the middle part! I love it!

  • Elma says:

    aaww, you look like a beauty queen! <3

  • Loving the middle part!

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  • Mady T. says:

    love your new hair, you look amazing!



  • Mira says:

    You look gorgeous. Can´t see any imperfections!!!
    These booties are too gorgeous <3



  • marilia roquini says:

    it is fantastic, i really liked your new hair style!!!

  • Valeria says:

    You look great with you hair like that!! is a nice change!

    <3 Val
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  • ChriselleFan says:

    I see nothing massive about your forehead!!! Crazy how kids pick the most arbitrary things to tease about. Anyways, the new hair looks gorgeous! <3

  • OromaRoxellaRukevwe says:

    OMG. I’ve been through the same. Throughout secondary school, I was teased about my massive forehead. I’m only just beginning to accept that it’s a part of me I should learn to embrace. I’ve got a middle parting now as well!
    Lovely outfit, lovely post! xxx (:

  • Natalia says:

    really love the middle parting, its fresh and it looks great on you :)

  • Karin says:

    i actually like it like this much better! you’re old hairstyle seemed a little out of hand at times…sorta frizzy and wild 😛 i really am loving this new do on you! and good for you on conquering your insecurities1

  • Miyah says:

    It looks so different, but gorgeous at the same time. Keep the middle parting, it suits you really well :)

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