It’s finally here….the VERY last day of year 2012! I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on all that has happened this past year……

2012 was A Year Of Big Risks. It was my first year venturing out full time as a blogger/youtuber/content creator…. taking a hiatus from my full time job as a wardrobe stylist.

In the beginning it all started off with me, myself, & I….but as our audience grew I found the importance of having a strong team to not only maintain but to further grow our community. Now with a strong team of 5 people we recently were able to find an amazing office in downown LA for the Chriselle INC. team to work out of! We are so excited to be able to film more fashion tutorials and create much more content in 2013!

2012 was A Year Of Global Expansion & Recognition. it was so exciting to see myself on the front page of Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, to Korean publications, The Vietnamese news, & the Chinese newspaper this year. I hope in year 2013 we will be able to continue to grow our audience around the world, and hope to visit many different countries! There are so many places I want to visit – Canada, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Paris, and I would love to go back to Asia again!

2012 was A Year Of True & Everlasting Love. The biggest & most important day of my life happened this past year….I got married to the love of my life!! Our wedding day was the happiest moment of my life..we publicly exchanged vows to 150 of our closest friends & family at our wedding.  I was so honored to share my dream wedding with you!

not only was I able to share my journey with you, but you guys were a vital part of the wedding too!  You helped me choose my cake, silverware, Invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and of course my gown. So THANK YOU guys for helping me plan our dream wedding!!

I was a little nervous to share such a private & intimate moment with you as I “Walked Down The Aisle” , but i’m glad that we did. Our Wedding finale video now has around 400,000 views!! Thank you for playing such a big role in planning my dream wedding!

2012 was A Year Of Collaborations & New Projects! Looking back on all the fun projects we got to work on this’s sometimes hard for me believe that this is  what we call “work”. Just to name a few…. we got to collaborate with some amazing brands & people this past year from Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Coach, Coco Rocha, Rachel Zoe, Google, Kerastase,  JustFab, Sigerson Morrison, H&M for Coachella, etc. I am so thrilled that I got to take you along this journey with us! We are hoping that in 2013 we can take you guys to even more exciting places with us!

2012 was A Year of Love & Responsibility…..Words are simply not enough to describe our love for Mignon. He has completley changed our lives and also changed our priorities. He is our piece of sanity on a crazy day, and he ALWAYS knows how to put a smile on our face. In 2012 my hubby & I learned how to love beyond ourselves thru our puppy Mignon.
2012 was A Year of New Friendships. Thru Blogging & Youtubing I’ve found myself to be srounded by amazingly talented & beautiful women. This past year I was lucky enough to start new friendships with fellow bloggers/youtubers. It’s always wonderful to feed off of eachother’s passion, motivation, & inspiration.
Overall 2012 was a year of Big Risks but even Bigger Rewards! Thank you so much for your continuous support, and joining us in all of our adventures, and day to day updates. We wouldnt have been able to make it this far without all of you! If there is one advice I can leave with you to close off 2012 and to ring in the new year…that would be to DREAM BIG & JUST GO FOR IT!  2013 is YOUR year to make your dreams into a reality! Here’s  a *vitrual* toast to a fresh new start!!!
Hope that in 2013 we can continue to inspire, motivate, & support one another!!! LOVE YOU guys and see you in the next year!!!!


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