Outfit Of The Day

Sequins & Velvet

Photo by Jana Williams Photography 

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!Spent the day yesterday running around to grab groceries for our last minute dinner we had to host at our place! In the midst of all the thanksgiving madness I was finally able to break THESE  bad boys in. You guys know my obsession with booties, right?? Well, I would like you to meet the newest member of the boot family…not to mention they are now my current NEW fave pair because  1. can we all say OXBLOOD  one more time?? 2. They are SUPER comfy to run around in all day  and 3. They dip inwards, creating a V shape in  front so it doesnt cut off your leg length!

By the time you guys are reading this i’ll be on my way to VIVA LAS VEGAS!!! Happy Friday & have a lovely weekend my loves!



Shoes- Sigerson Morrison  // Dress- For Love & Lemons // Sequin blazer-  Yoana Baraschi  // All accessories by Roman Luxe  // Purse- Valentino 


  • Breath taking, this is beautiful and very well put together. Couldn’t say it no better. This is fashion at its best and I would like to say you are inspiration to many.

  • grace se says:

    I love this look on you! You look so chic and gorgeous! I am in love with the matchy matchy-ness of your hair, dress and shoes!
    What colour is your lipstick? It’s so pretty! Being an asian with fair skin, that recently dyed her hair red, it’s hard to find a good pink lipstick that doesn’t clash! Please reply :)

  • Lia says:

    that is sooooooo amazing!!!

  • Joanna says:

    Ah, velvet.. definitely a fall/winter staple!

  • Sarah says:

    Lovely little booties :)
    Really nice, I especially adore the dress. Very Christmassy :)

  • bet says:

    I LOVE IT!!! you makes me so happy whit your looks :) LOVE YOU!!

  • Trang April says:

    Your velvet dress is really cute! :)
    But i would like it more with black shoes

  • ish says:

    love the look, the dress is amazing and i adore those boots
    xx ish

  • kasia says:

    Omg, you look sooo pretty! :)

  • What a lovely dress!!!

  • MlleW says:

    Velvet perfection & loving your booties

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  • Daniela says:

    Beautiful! I love it so much xx

  • TY says:

    what a joke !

  • Marti says:

    You look stunning! I love the colour of your dress and everything about your look! <3


  • How do you do it that each and every outfit is so damn pretty!
    Love it how light and fresh it looks but at the same time its not a candy like one either.it has style, class but at the same time its not so obvious!

  • Mira says:

    I loooove this look. Esp the boots <3


  • Mady T. says:

    love the boots and the jacket…. cute outfit as always…



  • Andrea says:

    That sequin jacket is so beautiful! I love that shade of red you’re wearing too, so warm and it really suits you

  • Oksana says:

    You look stunning! Love your shoes!

  • Denysia Yu says:

    Love the oxblood shoes! And your jacket looks amazing too! :)

    Denysia Yu

  • miyaka says:

    this is BEAUTIFUL <3 love the contrasting textures! not to mention that burgundy/oxblood is my absolute FAVE colour this season! X3

  • Huyen says:

    I really love the velvet dress,such a festive material and color!

  • Karlie says:

    Love everything about this outfit! Especially the velvetness!!

  • KILLER dress! I love velvet and red velvet is even better for Fall 2012. J’adore!

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