Photography by Jana Williams 

Spent the day running around from meetings to meetings, and despite the weather we were quite efficient with our time. I’ve always thought that having a car was the most convenient & efficient, but I realized that sometimes convenience can be the most inefficient thing. Although I do prefer driving over walking, I have to admit that we got WAY more done on a timely manner walking to all 7 meetings we had today!

One more day of meetings before heading back to LA! Have a beautiful day everyone!!!


NOTE- my heart goes out to all those people that have been hit by Hurricane Sandy. My best friend & sister live in NY, and they finally got their electricity & power back, and I do realize that there are some people that still have not. This post was not meant to be insensitive, and I do apologize if it did come off that way. Needless to say it was great to see all the New Yorkers come together and getting the city back on its feet! Counting my blessings and sending out blessings to those in need. 



Coat- zara// Vest- Joie // Leather Blouse- C&C // Jeans- Jbrand // Shoes- Isabel Marant // Scarf- DailyLook// Bracelets- Juicy Couture// Purse- Celine



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