Hope you guys are having a beautiful start to a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. This is my first Thanksgiving that i’m actually not with my family, but wanted to  share with you guys a few things that i’m extremely grateful for…

After dating for a little over 3 years… this past August I got married to my best friend, and I can say that it was the happiest day of my life! I wake up everyday feeling grateful to have found my true love. We celebrate together when times are good, he know how to put a smile on my face when times are bad, and he makes me laugh at ALL times.  It’s just  wonderful having found someone that understands you better than you understand yourself at times. I am Thankful for my bestfriend, soulmate, & now proud to call my husband.

I like to call my mom what you would call a real life superwoman. You see,  my mom has endured numerous of heart surgeries over the past few years. Year after year something would go wrong with the surgery, but she would never give up hope. After 4 open heart surgeries in her life time I can now say that she’s healthy, vibrant, and young (hearted) again!!! She runs 2 small businesses, is a woman of God, and always serving others that are in need. I am thankful to have my mom as my bestfriend (my best shopping buddy..she has an AMAZING eye for fashion), and to have her happy & healthy again!!

I’ve always looked up to my dad for many reasons but one of the most obvious -he is THE hardest working man that I know.  I can proudly say that I get my relentless work ethic from him! I remember as a kid he would stay up ALLLLL night to help me with my science project, because apparently I was not cut out for science! haha. He’s a man of God and his passion for people has always been apparent…he always has put others before himself! He also has taught me the importance of balance of my work life with my personal & spiritual life. I’m thankful to have my dad as an amazing role model!

It was hard letting go, but we did and she succeeded. This past year my little sister Jane finally made the big move to NYC. After having her live with me in my LA loft for the past few years…we grew together and learned alot about eachother- our similarities and  our differences. And yes, the only thing that we ever fought about..was CLOTHES! We are so similar yet different in many ways…our style being one of them. She’s definitely more classic  & i’m way more trendy.

  it was hard to swallow when she told us that she wanted to move to NY. I guess you can say we were all in denial for quite some time , and when she did our hearts that was once filled with so much love & joy  all of a sudden felt empty. But nonetheless time heals and after we saw how happy she was in NY  , and not to mention landed a killer job… we are SOOOOO proud of her! ! I am thankful for the love & relationship that I have with my sister Jane!


For the longest time Allen (my hubby) & I were debating if we should get a dog or not. With the busy lives that we both live, we found it nearly impossible for us to carve out even more time to take care of a dog. It was not until we recieved a phone call from a family friend of ours who asked if we wanted a puppy, and we immediately both said “we don’t have enough time.” But it was when she showed us a picture of this blue brindle french bulldog we immeditaley decided to go for a “visit”. And well, I guess you can say it was a visit worth while. 

Miñon came into our lives at the right time..not only did he fill  our void of Jane moving to NY  and post wedding depression, but surprisingly enough he also brought  Allen  & I more time together! Everyday after work  instead of going straight to the computer or TV…we take Migñon out for a walk which gives us more QT together! I am thankful for the love & joy that Migñon brought into our lives!

And of coures…..all of YOU. Words cannot describe my deep appreciation for all of you. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve been able to do this full time, and if it wasnt for your love & support I would NOT be here today! We are committed to our loyal followers and always trying to “inspire” you with different outfit ideas, style tutorials, and just flat out feeling damn good about yourself at any given situation! I started this business in hopes to inspire women all around the world, but soon enough I realized that  it’s actually all of YOU around the world that have inspired ME!!! So thank you for allowing me to showcase my passion with all of you, and also for your loyalty and constant support!!

I may not answer every comment or get to every tweet, but know that I read ALLLL of them, and that YOU guys are on my mind constantly thru out the day. Above is a little collage for those of you who have been sharing your Outfit Of The Days with me on my Facebook page! I love seeing what you guys wear on a day to day basis, and i’m so proud to say that my followers are all SO CHIC!

This is now the end to THE longest blog post ever!!  But  my heart is overflowing with so much love, and I wanted to share a little piece of it with all of you.




  • Google sucks says:

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  • Trang says:

    the leaf**** whoopsies

  • Trang says:

    Hey Chriselle, I was wondering where you purchase the left hair piece that you used to pinned up your hair? I’m trying to find one for my sister in law for her wedding. Thanks, hopefully I hear back from you.

  • Sarah says:

    Mignon is the cuteness ever !!!

  • Beverly says:

    This is such a sweet post! Your sister is also so very beautiful and I adore your relationship with your family. Happy Holidays!

  • janet says:

    Nicely done :) Beautiful pictures and the family photos are worth millions.
    Our parents are getting older and its nice to know you are very close to them. I was raised with the same values and tradition as yourself and I can totally relate just by looking at your photos.
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    ENTER and WIN!!!!

  • kim p. says:

    Wow. Imagine the surprise of seeing your photo in a post by one of your all time favorite bloggers and fashionistas. Thank you so much Chriselle! You are such an inspiration and beacon of joy! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your hubby, and Mighty Mignon! 😉

  • Mady T. says:

    such a beautiful post…thank you for considering us part of your family and life…


  • Miss Bunny says:

    Such a lovely and cute post ^_^
    I’m thankful of you too…thank you for making our/my life more lovely by the day with inspiration and fashion guides!

  • inamina says:

    Wow Chriselle, you have such a beautiful relationship with your family. I’m thankful you shared it with us, made me miss my family more :( But that’s a good thing. Thank you!

  • This post mademe smile! Family is always the best thing in life!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Taryn says:

    your followers are thankful for you too! i know i am :) your blog is a quick escape from a sometimes hectic life. i so enjoy seeing the different styles you put together and they always positive spirit you have for others! although we’ve never met, i kind of feel like I know you hehe happy thanksgiving C

  • Mabel Jiang says:

    Thank-you Chriselle, really.
    I’m so glad you can be thankful for all those blessings in your life. It’s really heart warming to see someone appreciating their parts of life so genuinely and passionately.
    Thanks for being a part of my life too. I can only ask God to continue to bless you and your lovely family and friends.

    Thanks x

  • Kei says:

    what a sweet post! I love this day of thanksgiving when everyone thinks of their beloved in their lives. All of your followers, including myself, are so excited to be part of your list and to influence your life as much as you influence ours!
    ps. I shrieked when I saw my picture in the collage! Thank you for thinking of all of us as individuals. :)
    We are so thankful for a role model like you <3

  • You definitely have a lot to be thankful for! We are grateful to have shared your precious moments with you. Have a happy Thanksgiving! All the best!

    La Petite Gigi

  • margrette vitug says:

    i was having goose bumps reading this! <3 I hope nothing but the best for you. I'm pretty damn sure there's a lot in store for you, so keep going. Never park the car. xoxox

  • michelle says:

    Omg Chriselle , you put my photo up im so happy im so glad you still remember me, love you so much hopefully i can see u in London/Hong Kong. Happy thanksgiving dear, take care
    lots of love

  • Youre such a sweet person in and out!
    Hugs from a subbie from Europe!

  • Huyen says:

    very sweet post, family is really something we should be thankful for every day but neglect it far too often :)

  • Sasha says:

    this is a wonderful post filled with love and appreciation. Thank you for being honest, and sincere and opening up the deepest parts of your soul. I am sure a lot of people are thankful for you being a part of their life too. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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