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My Week In Boxes

Mignon giving me his sad puppy eyes trying to convince me to stay in. 

a quarter of my shoe collection. My  dear Aimee of Song Of Style is in the middle of building my  walk in closet!!

{L} custom rings of me & my hubby’s initals from Loud Love Jewelry.

{R} Currently some of my fave scents on my vanity

it aint easy being a fabulous frenchie! Sweet dreams of designer purses <3

{L} came home to amazing pieces designed by the oh so chic Karla Deras for Roman Luxe.

{R} A change of color with the change of season. thanks to my hair stylist Yuri Sinata 

Racks of fall clothes to film our fall tutorials!

{L} House Of Harlow clutches from Satine Boutique

{R} Pre ordered Isabel Marants finally arrived! i’m a happy girl! 

Mighty Mignon trying to brush up on his French {with his French dictionary} , unfortunately he passed out…AGAIN. 

cozy knits at the beach. Love living by the beach!

{L} bright Lips & Dewy skin from Maybelline’s bb cream.

{R} Words to live by- Invest in you…beauty starts from within!

{L} Nutella Ice Cream at the Ice cream parlor down the street. Mid day sweet Cravings!

{R}DIY day- Painting the next project in glitter n gold

Mignon reading his FB comments from his lovely followers! Please follow Mignon on FB HERE!!He loves hearing from you guys <3 

From todays Outfit Post wearing my new Mcginn Dress + Isabel Marant boots!

{L} Waking up to this puts a smile on my face!!

{R} Going to bed to this warms my heart & soul!

Can’t believe that it’s Friday already!!! Sometimes its hard to keep track of all that happens within a week since there’s always so much activity around here! But THANK GOD for instagram…now I can look back and keep track of all that has happend! To see an influx of pictures daily please follow me on Instagram @ChriselleLim.

Let me know if you guys like the idea of a  weekly recap – aka My Week in Boxes.


  • Sophia Woon says:

    you hurt your leg??
    take care~

  • Nurka says:

    Love you, love the weekly recap and your hairstyle
    xoxo Nurka

  • aww mignon is the cutest!!!

  • Carolin says:

    Could you make a Closet Tour Video?

  • Leticia says:

    sooo… im not the only one who is addicted to nutella ice cream <3

  • Stacy says:

    So cool photos!!!

  • Floortje says:

    Very nice photos and I loveee your doggie so much!!

  • Clara Cheng says:

    The dog is cute! I’m a dog lover <3 And I love your hair color, gorgeously beautiful!

  • LAURA says:

    your puppy is sooo freakin adorable!!! can’t wait to see the walk in closet…i’m sure it’s gonna look fab seeing that Aimee will be building it 😀 gorgeous new hair colour too!!

    Laura x

  • Mira says:

    Wish I had your shoe collection. I´m sure Aimee will build you an awesome walk in closet!!
    Love your new hair color and Mignon is the cutest ever 😀



  • simplychic says:

    omg he’s so cute!

  • Mady says:

    love this kind of posts! love how you store your shoes!


  • Christina says:

    Love the week in boxes idea and your red hair looks fabulous!

  • faye says:

    *dies* aww mah gawd mignon is too cute!!

  • Valeria says:

    Mignon is suuuuper cute!! I love the pic of him sleeping <3<3 great week!

    <3 Val

  • lovely pictures and a really cute dog!!!

  • Matilda says:

    I love your shoes, you have a great collection. I also love Prada candy :)

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