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Chriselle’s Chic Obsessions- $150 or less

I’ve had several viewers/readers ask me if I can share with them a few of my favorite pieces at a more affordable price. Each of the items below are pieces that I personally love or already have in my closet! All pieces are less than $150… Let me know if you guys would like to see some more affordable pieces ($150 or less)



  • Ayeen says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    I appreciate the effort of giving your followers insight what to wear, however, the challenge here is how to dress up fashionable with more affordable clothes.

  • Úh love the idea!! Diversity would be great as well so sometimes it could be 150 and less and then 100, 50 or less 😀 You are an inspiration

  • Justyna says:

    I do really love these pieces, but if you were to take one top, one bottom, one accessory, one jacket and one pair of shoes from this list, you’d have an $800 outfit. Not affordable even in the slightest… (Affordable for the average person is under $50 – whole outfit, under $200)…

  • fkxoxo says:

    There are affordable things in my blog for less than $50 …if you want to check them out :)

  • Fiona says:

    I love your picks!Please share more!

  • Mooij says:

    I love everything you chose but if I may be honest I would say 150 is still A LOT of money for many people. I would consider a piece that costs 150 dollar one of my more ‘expensive’ pieces… I would rather say pieces under 50 euro… (which I still think is not that little)


  • Aleksandra says:

    Thank you. All things are just gorgeous

  • Nicki says:

    Personally, as a student, I don’t find 150 or less to be affordable…

  • Great pics! Loving the chunky scarf!

    The Glitter Life is playing dress up!

  • boovine says:

    totally not consider as ‘affordable price’…

  • ish says:

    love the skirt, leopars dres an those loafers!!
    i really like this kind of post so you can get a hint of affordable style
    xx ish

  • Mira says:

    You have an awesome fashion sense. Love everything <3


  • Sany says:

    Yeah…those definitely don’t look affordable to me…I’ve got a long way to go…perhaps from $20-$50 range…

  • Lina Chen says:

    This is just some insightful advice for you Chriselle, but as lovely as these beautiful pieces you have selected for us, I think you may want to consider who you are targeting to. You are definitely a chic individual who is much more older than your viewers and probably have plenty of disposable income and so if you could find something that’s much more affordable than something in the $100’s that would be great!!!

    Always a fan and supporting you in any way that I can!

    Just thought I’d give you my two cents! =]

    <3 Lina Chen

  • Jenny Tang says:

    wow………..these def. don’t look affordable to me =(

  • Karlie says:

    Affordable price is $150 or less?! Wow… I’ve got a long way to go lol…… And now you’ve just made me want more things that I can’t afford!! ><

  • cathy says:

    I’ve always wanted a pleather skirt!!

    check out my new outfit post inspired by alice in wonderland!

    enter my giveaway here!

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