Our new puppy, Mignon, has brought so much love & joy into our lives. Mignon has definitely been a blessing in disguise. You see,  just a few weeks back I wasn’t sure if I was  ready to take on the responsibilities of being a “mom.” But this past week after spending every available moment with Mignon, my hubby and I found that caring for something far greater than ourselves is quite a blessing.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Dont forget to come say hi to Mignon on his FB page and Instagram @MignonTheFrenchie 



JACKET- thanks to DailyLook 

SKIRT- thanks to DailyLook 

Shirt- thanks to Pickwick & Weller 

Purse- The Huntley Tote thanks to Joie 

Necklace- Olivia Locket Necklace thanks to Gorjana , Infinity necklace thanks to Blee Inara

Bracelets- thanks to Gorjana , Pink Mars Dagger Bracelet thanks to Vanessa Mooney

Ring- Cleodora ring thanks to Vanessa Mooney 

Shoes- thanks to ALDO 


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