WEDDING DAY- The First Look

It seems as if our wedding day flew by within a glimpse of an eye, but there were certain moments that felt like a lifetime. Specifically the moment I was eagerly waiting, in the back of the 1962  Rolls Royce, driving up to finally see him. Though we have only been seperated for 24 hours, it felt more like 24 days. Thru out the day I couldnt help but wonder what he was doing, if he was nervous, and if he was thinking of me.

As we finally arrived my whole body started  tingling out of excitement & anticipation as I walked up to the location to finally see him.

and there he was in his fitted grey suit. Even with his back towards me instantly my anxiety disappeared ,and immediately I felt calm & secure in his presence.  As I tip toed behind him, I couldn’t help but start giggling  & grinning like a little girl.

And when we came face to face it was very obvious that we were both very anxious, that it surprisingly felt almost awkward. Awkward as if we were on our first date all over again!  But immediately when I heard him say, “Hi, Puppy” (if you havnt seen our WEDDING FINALE  HERE, that is my nickname), unexpected tears started streaming down my face.

He grabbed my hand and whispered “I Love You”

….and it was then we  knew were ready to walk Down The Aisle!




Photography – Jana Williams 

Floral Design- Shawna Yamamoto

Wedding Planner- Details Details 

Papergoods + Rusted Keys- Papermade Design 

Location- Greystone Mansion


Dress- Custom made by R-mine Bridal 

Brooch & Earrings- custom made by R-mine Bridal (Swarovski)

Shoes- Gucci 

Jewelry- Charriol 

Hair & Makeup- Yuri Sinata

Makeup used- Maybelline 

Nails- Essie (cloud nine)


Suit- Banana Republic

Tie- Michael Kors

Shoes- John Varvatos


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  • Gold Foil says:

    […] familiar? These Gucci shoes were my wedding shoes (seen HERE & HERE). A few months back when I was shopping for THE shoes, I purposely looked for a pair […]

  • fkxoxo says:

    Sooo magical 🙂


  • blair says:

    So beautiful. I can only hope that I will look as gorgeous as you do on my wedding day! Congratulations to both you and your husband- I have a feeling this marriage we be an ever-lasting one 🙂 Keep up with all the posts- I love them!

  • Elle says:

    Everything about this is so beautiful! Your hair, that dress, these photos! So wonderful! 🙂

  • Aisha says:

    I can see how in love you both are….it actually brought me to tears! i really hope I can feel that one day! You look incredible and I wish you so much more happiness and love!†

  • Ln says:

    You look so pretty! I really love the leave in your hair and on your dress! It’s such a cute detail!

    Check out my new blog The Closet I Love!

  • Stacy says:

    OMG!!!I have no words!! Just happiness for you and tears because it seems like dream!!!

  • Christine Koay says:

    Love this post so much! you two look so sweet together and I like it when your hubby called your nickname! and I would love it if you can explain the wedding ceremony and everything.. cuz it seems different in my country.. are all Christian wedding different? I’m a bit confuse.. anyway.. can’t wait for your next post! <3

  • Mira says:

    The photos are wonderful and the lines you´ve
    written underneath are sooo sweet. You guys
    are just meant for each other 😀


  • oyu says:

    So nice. I wanna cry …:)

  • Butterfly Lady 33 says:

    You look so exquisite and elegant in your lace dress! I absolutely love the wedding photos and you both look so adorable together! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness 🙂

  • You are a beautiful bride and a handsome couple.

  • miss penny z says:

    you look beautiful and wish you the best! may i ask what lipstick are you wearing? its lovely…

  • gaby says:

    AAAAAYY CHRISELLE! por que me haces esto!! , me dejas picada a propósito. arrgg! beautiful couple! :’)

  • Benita says:

    This honestly made me tear up because it makes me realize how REAL love is.

  • Rei says:

    awww!! so cute!! good-looking husband you got there chriselle! you two sure look perfect together!

  • Andreea says:

    wow! everything is beautiful!!!

  • Mooij says:

    You look so beautiful! I absolutely love your dress 🙂

  • Floortje says:

    You two look amazing and so happy together!
    Wish you two all the best

  • Amparo says:

    You look Amazing!!!!!

  • B says:

    SUCH LOVELY PHOTOS, both these and from the morning. You are gorgeous and you two together are even gorgeous. But… What is up with the overly photoshoped eyebrows? 🙁 it’s a shame becasue it’s so obvious. BUT of course, I have nothing to say actually – it is your wedding photos after all… You look lovely either way.

  • Jenny says:

    For the very first time, my focus wasn’t on your beautiful attires, but the sentimental descriptions. My heart melted and tears started streaming down my face! It’s like i could almost feel the joy and butterflies u felt on the day. I’m so happy for you Chriselle! Thank u for sharing your beautiful journey with us! It’s been such a honour to personally ‘witness’ this memorable day! Congrats to you and your hubby once again! Love from Melbourne xo

  • Mabel Jiang says:

    This sounds like a complete fairytale. I am so close to tears!
    I wish nothing else but the best to the two of you!
    This chapter was very lovely, thank-you for taking us with you every step of the way.
    It’s so beautiful, I can just imagine the magic of it all.

  • Fucoc says:

    I love everything about your wedding dress. It’s so sweet. I would never choose it for myself, but it suits you. I don’t understand american weddings though. Why are you greeting the groom before the ceremony? I know it sounds weird, but can’t you walk us through a traditional american wedding? Here in Norway, it is very different. I would love to know more about that bit too, not just the fashions 🙂

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