DIY- Vintage inspired Gold Books

I wanted the decor of the wedding be inspired by 2 things- Vintage pieces from the past and Love stories. And since I love all things GOLD…. my planner & florist came up with a brilliant idea! Spray painting vintage love story books in gold!!! I mean way to combine all 3 obsessions of mine together!

In this episode my florist Shawna Yamomoto and I show you guys how to DIY & transform average old books that you already have in your home to vintage inspired peices of art!! We will be using these golden books as one of the main decor elements of the wedding, but they are also great accent pieces to have in your home!!! I’ll surely be taking all of these golden books home with me once the wedding is done! ENJOY!!!

Find some  old books that need some lovin’!!  They can be books that are just laying around in the house. Some of these books I found for less than 50 cents at a garage sale! SCORE! It’s all about recycling!!!

Make sure to protect yourself with goggles & masks! Spray paint can be VERY VERY strong!!!

I personally love books with a bit of texture & etching!

FYI – the HUGE “Call of The Wind” & “Treasure Island” books are faux books! They look like books but they are actually boxes/container that has the etching of the title!

And heres the final result!!!

Love how they look when they are all lined up & stacked together!

Have fun & Stay Chic <3

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  • Trish says:

    Love the idea! What kind of paint did you use? Brand? Colour?

  • Leanne says:

    your wedding planner and florist are so creative. something simple to create a beautiful effect.

  • Mira says:

    What a great idea. The books look awesome.
    Looking forward to your next video 😀


  • Alice says:

    I love the etched in details. Looks awesome! You will have the most creative wedding!

  • Jerine says:

    This is so awesome. It just gave me inspiration to build a stacked books table lamp. All I need is a lamp shade on top

  • Johanne says:

    This would be a great way to add height to centerpieces… Stack them and put a vase on top with flowers.

  • Diamond says:

    Two words… Love it!
    Diamond A.

  • Jasmin says:

    Absolutely genius idea! Those books look so beautiful <3 I would definitely want to try that decoration idea on my house some day :)

  • Andrea says:

    Such a wonderful idea, even as a home decor project!! Absolutely love it

  • Meelena says:

    that’s awesome!


  • very neat! books with the gold finish look great!

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