Cant believe that THE day is almost here! Today we will be at our rehersal and checking into our hotels for the weekend. From all the thoughtful comments, tweets, and personal messages…each & every one of you  has touched my heart, and I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for coming along this journey with me & my fiance. Totally not expected , but I felt pretty emotional waking up this morning..maybe its because this wedding planning journey is coming to an end…but as one door closes another door opens, right? The Door of MARRIAGE! The next time I will see you guys here on this blog I will finally  be a married woman!! :)

I will be updating my twitter, instagram, and Facebook thru out the make sure to follow me for some live wedding action!!!

Heart you guys!



  • The best wedding wishes from Germany!! I was so excited to see the wedding finale!! Your wedding was realyl amazing. And the most I’ve loved were those little details, that made everything so gorgeous! Wish you guys all the best! A new chapter begins and I hope everything was as you imagined :) I’m so happy for you guys!

  • Congratulations, Chriselle! I want to say that I have been watching you ever since you appeared on Michelle Phan’s channel. You have inspired me with your fabulous wardrobe and styling methods and I want to say thank you! You deserve a life time full of love and happiness!

  • Congratulations, Chriselle! I wish you all the best. :) By the way, I just recently discovered your beautiful blog via Instagram. Your photos are gorgeous! I’m sure your wedding photos will be amazing as well.

  • I wish you the best, through all your comments and what you share with us, I’ve seen you’re an incredible woman. Thanks for sharing all about “Down the Aisle” with us. Best wishes from Mexico :)

  • Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! I have been following you ever since you’ve been featured on Michelle’s site and you’re so much fun to watch. Your latest videos have especially been coming in handy because my best friend is getting married in 3 weeks. I live in NC but will be flying out to her in LA to stand alongside her. I’m incredibly excited, and your videos have definitely helped to get an idea of what to expect! Again, congrats and I can’t wait to see you on your site and youtube again :)

  • You are going to be the most beautiful bride ever! I hope you have an amazing day and a happy rest of your lives together <3

  • I’m so glad. You will start a life with pretty new feelings of being a married woman! Wish both of you all luck and happiness ;)
    Thank you for being an inspiration for me and others, it’s always fun to see your instagram photos or VDOs. I feel like I have a friend or sister who has the same interests or likes the same things, and also who inspires me to have more fun in life. Thanks a lot and hope to still see you in the future!!

  • Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will have an amazing day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You so much for sharing your journey with us !!!!

  • I am so excited and happy for you Chriselle <3 I wish you so so much happiness and love in your marriage! You are such a lovely couple <3 Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I cant wait to see the post wedding pictures and videos ^^ Hope you have a an incredibly romantic ceremony and amazing day!

  • Congratulations, I cant wait to see all the wedding pictures, you are such an inspiration, have a great honey moon, love youuu and thanks for make me chic one video at a time =) muaaaa

  • I’m not sure what the time difference is, but I believe you would have walked down the aisle by now? Just want to wish you ALL THE BEST for the start of your journey together. ^^ It’s quite emotional to me too since I have been following you since you were introduced in Michelle’s channel and I LOVE your fashion advice and on screen personality… and have been loving your wedding series… Can’t wait to see your dress!!! <3 Congratulations and many blessings for this big day!

  • Chriselle~
    Congratulations on your wedding!!
    I know I don’t know you personally but your personality really shines through in your blog, YT videos, pictures–and you are so full of inner beauty and I always smile after reading/seeing anything you post. ^^
    Congrats again, and I wish you many many years of happy marriage~~
    결혼축하해요~~!!! <3 <3

  • Congratulations Chriselle! I’ve been watching you for quite some time and I have to say I’ve always found you to be an elegant, lovely woman. I hope that you find great happiness in your journey ahead, and that you and your new husband ^.^ are prosperous. <3


  • Hey chriselle I’ve been following your blog and YouTube channel for over a year and I just wanted to say congrats on your wedding today ! Dont forget to take in the moment because it will probably be flying by!
    Much love!
    Xo Tiffany

  • Congrats chriselle!! Many blessings and best of luck for you! Thank you for sharing with us your journey!!

  • My congratulations to You and Your Fiance! :)
    Good luck and a lot of hapiness on a new way of life and have a great fan on your special day!
    Best wishes from Poland :)

  • all the best to you chriselle. in moving forward to another phase of life. wish you lots of happiness. may God bless u n ur married life. very happy for you.

  • congratulations in advance chriselle! truly happy for you both. i’m getting teary eyed as well! hehehe, i’m also a bride to be and just as excited and emotional. :))

  • So happy for you!
    I wish you and your husband a lovely day tomorrow!
    Cant wait to see photos! :)
    I want to thank you for taking time off to make and upload video!

  • Congrats and I’m so excited for you! I hope everything goes accordingly and if not, I know that will turn out just fine anyways! I know it’ll be a perfect wedding because you created it! Best wishes tomorrow (technically today) and thank you for everything you do!

  • I remember when I first came across your blog you had just announced that you were engaged, a few posts earlier. And now here you are on the day before your wedding.Back then I wondered “how her wedding would look like” without knowing that I would grow to like your blog so much and that I would get to know you just a tiny bit from your posts and stories. I wish you lots of luck, health and love. And I hope you’ll have the wedding of your dreams and the time of your life tomorrow.

  • Hi, Chriselle
    I’m with you too, I have been watching you since you first started vlogging and have been reading your blog, and I feel how much you have grown since then, but one of the things that has not changed is your big and loving heart. I hope your man treats you well and married life fills you with joy. Do not forget us, fans and please keep on inspiring us and guiding us through the fashion as you have. I look forward to seeing you in your wonderful dress.

  • Congrats Chriselle!!! U deserve all the happiness tomo! Enjoy ur special day tomo! I’m sure your gonna be the most stunning Bride! Cant wait to see your next entry as a Mrs. hehehe
    Love from Melbourne
    Jen xo

  • Congratulation Chriselle! and thank you for allowing us be in the part of this very special journey. As the Welsh blessing has it….
    “Wishing you A house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer,
    Love that grows deeper each day of the year.”

    Best Wishes xxo

  • Congrats! I’m very happy for u, may God bless your marriage forever and guide u through this amazing new journey, good luck on everything and best of wishes!!!♡ :D

  • Congratulation you both sista! i’ve just known ur channel few months ago but ur every clip brings so many inspriration for me that i just wanna do along. ur cute, kind, and elegant. now there a new journey waiting for you, hope you and your wonderful man will have a very beautiful life together. keep your health and your awesomeness, hope you get full of happiness, success in life. Love you!

  • Im so happy for you!! I already know your wedding is going to be amazing!!! So happy for you and your hubby!!!

  • And it has been lovely following you during this process. Perhaps a little too often that I dreamed about your wedding. I guess mentally?? I was stressing with you because I dreamed everything didn’t go the way you had planned. But you know what they say?? dreams are the opposite. I know it’s going to be an AMAZING wedding.I wish you much happiness and love.

  • Wishing you all the best and all the love and all the happiness in the world =) May God bless you both in your new life and the adventures you’ll go through. Take care =)

  • Congrats ms. chriselle!!! Thank you also for inspiring me and goodluck on your new chapter of your life. I’m happy for you guys. Hugs and kisses from the Philippines

  • aww you’re so cute i think you will be a beautiful married couple and im sure that your marriage will last a lifetime i hope you enjoy it ! god bless you <3 <3 <3
    you have to show us everything of the most important day of your life !! and remember ¡SMILE!!

    from sofia of colombia <3 <3

  • I have followed all of your “Down the aisle” episodes, and I caaaan’t waait to see the final! I am sure you will look sooooo beautiful as a bride! I wish you and your (soon to be) husband best luck! xoxo all the way from Sweden :D

  • Chriselle~
    You are an inspiration to many of us young women. I am so happy for you and only wish you the best. Your wedding will be beautiful, smile and soak it all in. Can’t wait to see pictures. Congrats again, may God bless you in all of the days of your life with your future hubby. Soooo HAPPY for you.

  • I am so happy for you and your fiance! Best wishes and I hope everything goes by just the way you wanted. Congrats! xoxo from Boston

  • I cannot believe the day is almost here! You have many adventures ahead of you! Have the most beautiful wedding ever!

  • Congratulations Chriselle!!! God bless you for your New Journey with your still fiance :) I wish you two a happy life together. Have an unforgettable wedding (I`m sure you will look awesome) and a fabulous weekend :)
    I wish you all the best and enjoy yourselves :):)
    Greetings Bernadka from Poland

  • I can’t believe the big day has already arrived!!!! I wish you and your fiance all happiness and a beautiful life together :)

    Have a lot of fun tomorrow! And don’t forget to tell everything later!

    XOXO from Brasil!

  • This is soo exciting :)
    I hope the wedding is exactly as you´ve imagined <3

    Congrats and I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart :)
    xoxo elli from Germany

  • Just have fun and make it one of the most amazing , Unforgettable , beautiful day of your life :*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • OMG OMG make a lot of happy memories tomorrow. Whatever happens remember the most important thing is that you are now about to share the rest of your life with the man that has your heart. We all wish you the best!! PICS! I DEMAND PICS! Hahaha! I’m excited for you :)

  • congratulation! your going to look very pretty tomorrow :)and hope your new chapter will be filled with happiness and joy!

  • I wish you both the best of luck and happiness throughout the rest of your journey together. I hope everything goes perfect tomorrow and you both deserve nothing but happiness and I hope you both live a happy life and future together. Have a fabulous day tomorrow!! XO

  • Wow… I’m really really happy and also touched by your thank you message. All your viewers, including me, have gone through this wedding planning with you and I’m so excited and so happy for you! I…can’t believe, that you will finally be a married woman very very soon!
    I wish you and Allen the best for the next chapter of your lives!
    Greetings and much love from Germany! :)

  • I´m married woman last 2 months. I know how it feels so pretty emotional waking up the morning. Be happy and joyful marriage life both of you. Happy marriage! You will be most beautiful bride all days.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time! Mind you, it’s not eve my wedding but I can’t help but be excited for it! I’ve watched all the pre-wedding planning episodes and looks like it’s going to be spectacular!

    I wish you a happy marriage and a happy life.

  • I’m so happy for you Chriselle! I need to thank you for sharing one of the most precious and important moment of your life with us! I followed as the process of your wedding plans, and I can’t believe you will be getting married tomorrow! I wish you all the best in this new phase of your life with your fiance, who is becoming you husband. God bless this marriage! xoxo

  • Happy for you, sweet sweet Chriselle! You’re a gorgeous bride! I’ll be thinking of you during this weekend…

  • Congratulations, and thanks for share you ideas, your work, and your personal life.
    I wish you both good luck in this new stage.

  • I am so happy for you Chriselle!!! <3
    Wish to you the best wedding day ever. Also may love, happiness and success be with you always.

  • Thank you for sharing something so personal with us. I wish you the very best in everything, Chriselle you deserve it. And have an amazing wedding, i bet it will be :)

  • Hi Chriselle, Thank you so much for sharing this special moment with us. You have help me and others who are engaged with so many inspirational tutorials . Wishing You both all the best and happiness. xoxox <3 ;-)

  • Congratulations!!! From Miss Chriselle to… soon to be, Mrs. Chriselle!!..
    Thank you for sharing all your precious moments with all of us. You are inspirational and we appreciate you so much. I am very happy for you and I wish you & Alan a lifetime of Happiness, Love and Success!!

  • Aaaaww I’m so happy and proud of you, can’t believe you’re will be a married woman tomorrow so glad, you deserves it!
    every single thing you did and even kept in touch with us
    love weedings
    wish you the best xoxo Nathalie ;) <3

  • Congratulations Chriselle! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I’m super excited that your big day has finally arrived! Post tons of pictures up girl! Best wishes to you & your soon-to-be hubby. :)

  • I was very emotional on the day I got married!!! Still planning the reception:)) I am so excited for you though..marriage is rewarding the more you put into it:) Let his smile never fade to you!!!!

  • Aww, and after all that help and super inspirations you gave us, you still have the sweetness to say thank you?!
    I say thank you! Thanks A LOT! For letting us be a part of this special moment of your lives.
    Feel so so so happy for you, honestly. Wish you guys a life time of happiness and beautiful things! ♥

    Blessings and good vibes from Brazil!
    See you around, xoxo

  • Congrats girlie! So happy for you, it’s been fun watching all of your blogs; videos; tweets; and FB posts. Have an amazing day tomorrow, be blessed xo V

  • I wish you all the happiness in the universe! Enjoy your wedding :-) As it turns out I am attending a wedding this weekend as well (Saturday):-)

  • Have a great weekend! After all the hard work you deserve to just dwell in every moments! God Bless! Congrats!

  • So happy for you, Chriselle! May you have a blessed marriage and happy life! :D Now I’m getting a little emotional and I’m far from getting married!…Yet.

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