With my little sister Janey, also my Maid Of Honor, who flew in from NY to be here for my bridal shower!

Celebrating life with my auntie!!

Holding back the tears as my sister was giving her MOH speech at the shower.

Photography by Jana Williams

As some of you guys may know I have a younger sister named Janey who lived with me in LA for the past 2.5 years, but recently she made the big move to NYC! The past 2.5 years Janey was living with us ,my fiance & I grew super close to her (inseperable to be exact) so it was quite challenging for us to let her go at the time. With that said…. it was a HUGE celebration last weekend at my bridal shower as it was her first time coming back  home since her big move!

My mom is a free spirit…she laughs & smiles at any given moment, but this weekend she was on cloud 9 to see both of her daughters come together! Knowing & seeing that both of her daughters are not only doing well, but in a place of happiness  really filled her up with joy!

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever” 

Now that both my mom & sister have left LA, a part of me feels empty, but I cant wait to be reunited in a few weeks for the wedding! I love you mommy & Janey!!




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