As you might know by now… I have a slight {unhealthy} obsession with SHOES! Although I really should wait until I see HOW my dress looks like  (it’s currently being custom made as we speak), I cant help but snoop around for that perfect cinderella shoe!

When it comes to shoes I generally like to make a statement, and that’s why I’m completely obsessed over how this bride paired her soft lace gown with a pair of Chanel booties. I say that this is a a good reflection of my everyday style- feminine dresses played down with a pair of booties. it’s all about JUXTAPOSING!

images via StyleMePretty

But then again you can NEVER go wrong with a pair of classic Valentino pumps.

Should I go with classic shoes to keep my look all around  timeless, & elegant or should I sass up my dress with a pair of funky booties? 

Let me know your thoughts and if you happen to see any amazing shoes please let me know in the comments below or on my FB page and/or Twitter!

Help me find my Cinderella Shoes! 



P.S- The 2nd Episode of the Wedding series will be live on my channel on Wednesday  and guess what??? Yall will FINALLY get to meet Mr. Chriselle (my fiance)!! yay!

and just in case you missed Episode 1 HERE it is :)



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