The Wedding Dress- Going Custom

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First off, I think wedding planing has officially taken a toll on me…I just realized how exhausted & tired I looked in this video! It’s a little over 2 weeks before the wedding, and I think it’s time to lay off on the caffeine & get some good solid rest!!

 ANYWAYS in this episode I FINALLY start searching for my wedding dress!!!! My bridesmaid Sara & I went to go visit a bridal boutique in Studio City called R-mine Bridal.

R-mine is known for their collection of classic yet cutting edge gowns that they customize indiidually for their clients…making a gown truly one of a kind! All of R-Mine gowns are handmade in the boutique using the highest quality of silk fabrics, laces and beadings.

We decided to divide the wedding dress episode into 3 parts because theres so much that goes into finding your dream dress! Heres a little peek in some of the dresses that I tried on….. Stay tuned for the tomorrow’s episode where I actually try on these GORGEOUS dresses!!!!


Tie Dye

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Sporty Silhouette

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Decor Details- Help Me Pick Out My Tableware

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In this episode you get to meet the women that are making my dream wedding into a reality- my planner & florist!!! Join us in this episode as I discuss & pick out the decor & flowers for my wedding with my planner, Jeannie Savage of Details Details, and my florist Shawna Yamamoto. There are just soooo many elements that go into a wedding especially the little details that we tend to overlook- from the china, linen, chairs, silverware, etc. Hope you guys enjoy this episode, and please help me out pick out the finishing touches for my wedding by leaving a comment below!! 

As you girls know by now I love ALL things GOLD! Since most of the colors in the wedding will be soft & muted I wanted to accent the wedding in gold.

I love all 3 of the tableware above, which one do you think I should go with???

A beautiful wedding comes down to the smallest details such as the silverware. Again, I wanted to accent all the decor in gold even the silverware!! Do you guys like the gold vintage or classic silverware??

Let me know in the comments below which table tableware you think I should go with and which silverware that would go with that best!!!

Thanks for helping me out & being a part of this process!!!


Our Engagement Shoot

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25 Days & Counting- A Peek into our Engagement Shoot

posted by on 2012.07.23, under Wedding

Wanted to get the full engagement session post up by today, but here’s a little peek into the shoot as I continue to sort thru the hundreds of amazing images from Jana Williams photography + Firefly Events!

There’s something incredibly beautiful & romantic  about black & white photos.

Cant wait to share with you guys the rest tomorrow!!

Have a lovely evening!




Headpiece- thanks to Hushed Commotion

Candy Colored Weekend

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Bridal Shower part 3- Mommy & Janey

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Bridal Shower part 2- Girlfriends + Gifts

posted by on 2012.07.20, under Wedding

I was highly convinced that emotions wouldn’t hit me until I walked down the aisle. BUT as soon as I walked into a room filled with my family, sister, & of course my girlfriends that I love most …I immediately started tearing up. It’s moments like these that remind me of how blessed I am. My girlfriends showered me with lots & lots of gifts, but most importantly  words of encouragement for the next chapter in my life…..


BRIDAL SHOWER part 1 – Let Them Eat Cake

posted by on 2012.07.19, under Wedding



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