Today marks exactly 2 months until our wedding. I spent the weekend finalizing plans, vendors, & decor. I also spent the weekend filming the wedding series for my channel, which will be launched at the end of this month. There’s alot of exciting things that we are working on, but cant quite reveal until the launch of the series. For now here are some inspirations that I have gathered for the wedding…let me know your thoughts & ideas. I can use as much help as possible in making my dream wedding into a reality <3 Love the off white lace dress with cap sleeves. Delicate, simple & romantic seems to be the style i’m most drawn to. A gold buttercream cake- love the delicate flower accents.  I’m actually having my cake tasting this Tuesday..hopefully i’ll be able to find something that taste as good as it looks! Since my favorite flower, Peonies, won’t be in season for my wedding i’m debating which flowers I should go with for my bouquet. I love both the bouquets above…the first one is beautiful but might be too distracting to the dress, and the second bouquet (on the right) is a mix of  dusty miller, white hyacinth and rosemary. If you had a bouquet what would it be made out of??

Will be pampering my guests with 2 of my fave things- Macaron & tea.

Gilded gold accents on the china will complete our wedding garden party.

2 months & counting….


photography via StyleMePretty & This Is Glamorous


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  • You have the most exquisite taste Chriselle, I am always inspired by your posts and I am so happy for you and your husband to be. <3

  • heelo chriselle,
    i just want to congrat you for getting married and i wish you happiness etcc :D

    you are soo stylish and i awlays love your advices :) since i watched your videos and follow your blog, i can feel confident inside of me :) i can express myself with clothes :D
    sorry for the bad english … but i hope you understand :)

    love you !


  • for the bouquet, i’d suggest to use different types and sizes of roses, major color is pastel pink. i.e. mini rose, alba(that perhaps can replace the peonies), romantica, and also the very common one with a few touches of greens. my wedding was on last Fri (15 June) that was pretty much what i had for the bouquet and I didnt expect to have peonies coz they are almost finished, but luckily I’ve got a few big peonies in it and I was very happy about it! good luck!!

  • Everything is beautiful and classy. Congrats Chriselle. Can’t wait to see everything :)
    xoxo -Kiara

  • awwww Chriselle!! Cant wait to see you with your wedding dress on!! You must be gorgeous!! hahaa:DD congratulationss!!

  • Love it! I wish you luck! It is so beautiful, I like the romantic classy style! I want my wedding to be just as amazing!
    I hope you will have the most romantic day of your life!

  • The theme is really romantic. And I love all you’ve picked. But for me, i want the 2nd bouquet. It’ll be able to show the designs on your wedding dress. Congratulations Ms. Chriselle! :)

  • the bouquet, i will pick white lilies. lily is stands out, but not too distracting. but i’m thinking about the colours too, the bouquet should colorful, but soft, not too bright, like the colors in your picts above, so the gown wont be faded away.

  • I just love the Romantic theme and the soft pastel colours you’ve chosen. Soft lighting is key to capture all the colours on film without looking washed out. Like me, peonies are my favourite flower too!! I like both bouquets. The first one is very pretty but it’s the cascading vines that make it appear too busy. The second one is beautiful but could be a bit larger – adding a little more flowers. I love your table decor!!

  • I love all of it!!
    I would go with the right flower arrangement, simple but beautiful.
    Lily, jasmine, hydrangea, bell flower or freesia are lovely flowers!

    my favorite bouquet is the first one^^ but if I can pick my own flowers, they’ll be lily, myrtle and maple :)

  • How about a bouquet of Chanel’s signature flower, the camellia?
    I also have a soft spot for hydrangeas and baby’s breath – love the simplicity of the latter and how it goes ‘POOF’ :D
    I had macarons at my wedding also – people new to the treat exclaimed that it was like “biting into heaven!” I had dark chocolate and rose flavoured filling with lavender and pink shells. Best of luck!! <3

  • *BTW on your little bouquet dilemma :) i think you should totally go for the small one, sometimes less is more, perhaps it could have a just a little more ;D

  • love all the colours of your choice, Chriselle.
    Love the lacy,
    I will choose the right hand side bouquet as u say the left hand side one is too distracting.
    Love the tea, macaroon..
    love all the colours!!!
    Cant wait to see your wedding pics..

  • Love everything you picked!!! Have been following your blog and love your style. The bouquet on the right is beautiful. The cake is pretty too. Can’t wait to see it all happens.

  • A lovely gather of inspiration for your wedding. It all looks so whimsical. I love hydrangeas, and I’m sure they would make for a lovely bouquet.

  • Love the gold accents!! I’d go with the bouquet on the right and agree that the one on the left is too distracting and will take away from the dress. I’m sure whatever you choose will be a great choice. You have such good taste!!

  • awww you’re getting married on the same day my parents did! I love all the pictures, your wedding will be even more beautiful that you could ever imagine, i’m positive :) xox

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