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Loose & Sheer

Photography by – Jimmy Ngo

I have to admit…day to day I’m always trying to think of unique & not so ordinary type of outfits to share with you guys, but it’s really the basics that are my go-to everyday look.  Yall would laugh at the amount of loose sheer blouses that I own, but it’s really the basics that I always come running back to! There’s nothing wrong with having too much of something that you love. I always try to find unique sheer blouses with an interesting print or color..to give my oh so basic wardrobe some versatility!

If I could wear a loose sheer blouse and a pair of fitted (preferably colored) jeans everyday … I would. What is an easy go to outfit that you guys always find yourself wearing???

Will also be back later today for another wedding update! xo



Blouse- Joie

Jeans- Thank you Jbrand

Shoes- Zara (similar one HERE that i’m absolutely in love with! )

Watch- Michael Kors

Necklace- Twig Necklace & AK vintage necklace c/o Dietch PR 

ArmCandy- Express necklace worn as bracelet, CC SkyeDouble Wrap Bracelet

Purse- Celine

  • Kim says:


  • Chloe says:

    Love the look! Check out my website…all new to blogging, love your site!

  • Justine (JUS71N3) says:

    Absolutely loooooove this look – especially because it looks comfy and sophisticated at the same time.<3 You're stunning, Chriselle.(:

  • lia says:

    Oh!!! Come on girl ut top is amazing it fits great on u…

  • Oleah says:

    very cute outfit. i need to get me one of those blouses.


  • Aves Gry says:

    I really wish that there are more sheer lightweight shirts for men. I just love to show off my body and while it might not be ripped, I love my body. And that is what is important.

  • Monica says:

    I was never into strappy sandals but your outfits are so cute with them I totally need a few pair in my closet!


  • Oksana says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Isaline says:

    Beautyful outfit! Especialy love the short cutted jeans!
    Can you please make a video how you remaine such a pretty figure? Because it’s summer and I would love to feel confident and pretty in my bikini and not being stared at or laught at..

  • Yony says:

    Well maybe ordinary but you are still so chic. That’s why your fashion sense is Soooo good. Love your styles
    Y Park

  • Miloveda says:

    Your one of my new found blogs that i’m in love with…everything you own is so simple yet chic and i can see you have fun with fashion.

  • Emily says:

    I’ve found myself living in maxi dresses lately – during the work week, I am right there with you on the “sheer, flowy blouse” front :) xx – E

  • Beautiful blouse!

  • Mira says:

    Love the blouse 😀


  • Lela London says:

    Love that you wear everything with a smile :)
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  • Allie says:

    I have WAY too many sheer blouses but am always stuck with the same problem, they are see through. I, personally, am confident enough to rock them with a cute lace bra underneath, but my boyfriend disagrees. When is it appropriate to rock sheer, or to put something underneath? Office, obviously – but I would much rather be confident, wear a sheer shirt, dressed up with jeans, heels, & jewelery, & show a little bit of skin & confidence at the same. What do you think?

    Allie at alliewears.com

  • Louie Wada says:

    I love your looks!
    My everyday go to outfit for school is a cargo pants and bensimons. Or when its a little chillier. I wear jeans cut off, bensimon sneakers and a summer sweater. I’m still wearing my agnes-b enfant sweater ever since i was 12.. i almost think the sweater streched with my body !!!

  • Andrea says:

    Your photos are stunning, as always. You manage to make the everyday look so ethereal and elegant!

  • Julie Khuu says:

    50 shades of gray and still managing to look fresh to death Chris! Love the relaxed/refined looks you manage to pull of with such panache! That blouse is a dream…she photographs and moves beautifully!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Alice says:

    Love the look! Simple yet sophisticated!

  • Tinacious.Me says:

    love the stripes! very nautical :)
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