Photography by – Jimmy Ngo

I have to admit…day to day I’m always trying to think of unique & not so ordinary type of outfits to share with you guys, but it’s really the basics that are my go-to everyday look.  Yall would laugh at the amount of loose sheer blouses that I own, but it’s really the basics that I always come running back to! There’s nothing wrong with having too much of something that you love. I always try to find unique sheer blouses with an interesting print or give my oh so basic wardrobe some versatility!

If I could wear a loose sheer blouse and a pair of fitted (preferably colored) jeans everyday … I would. What is an easy go to outfit that you guys always find yourself wearing???

Will also be back later today for another wedding update! xo



Blouse- Joie

Jeans- Thank you Jbrand

Shoes- Zara (similar one HERE that i’m absolutely in love with! )

Watch- Michael Kors

Necklace- Twig Necklace & AK vintage necklace c/o Dietch PR 

ArmCandy- Express necklace worn as bracelet, CC SkyeDouble Wrap Bracelet

Purse- Celine


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