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Girls Gone Cray!!

Gifted Rory Beca criss Cross tank, Parker pleater skirt (on sale!!) , Rag & Bone Jacket, Celine Purse, Lanvin Sunglasses, AK Vintage Necklace c/o Dietch PR, similar chelsea booties

Hello there loves! Spent the day yesterday running around the city with my bestie, who flew in from NY, to my wedding gown fittings! As you guys know i’ve been on  the search for that PERFECT gown for my big day, but unfortunately after months & months of looking I was not able to find the one. (le sigh…i’m just  too darn picky!) So I decided to custom make my gown from scratch with a local designer! If you can’t find it…just MAKE IT!

Havnt had time to take my usual outfit pix with my dear Jana Williams, but here are a couple of snapshots while running around LA!!

and yes..u know it’s been one CRAZY  day when my hair is thrown up in a crazy top knot!  It’s my signature Girls Gone Cray look…lol! Do you guys have a signature look when you are having a crazy day???


p.s thanks to my beautiful friend linette for taking these pix for me!


  • Tony says:

    Great shots, the pleated skirt looks perfect on you.

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  • tania says:

    The topknot looks super pretty on you and I am in love with this outfit! It’s so breezy and yet elegant at the same time.

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  • Manuela says:

    I must Say this is one of my favorite Outfits ever. Love what Jana did with this shoot and I def love your clothes :3

  • Monica says:

    Chriselle, this is my favorite outfit on you EVER – soooo cute!

  • Cynthia says:

    ohhh awesome post
    don’t forget to check mi


    happiee summer!

  • Reshma says:

    I LOVE illustrating your outfits, so fun! :)

  • Tina says:

    Great! Amazing! Beautiful!

  • Lloyd Lim says:

    You are rockin’ it, Chriselle!

    Hope you are enjoying every moment as you approach your big day! =]

    – Lloyd

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  • Borka says:

    I love the skirt! Lovely look

  • sarah says:

    The pleated leather skirt is so cute dressed down with the booties!

  • * thaliachic.blogspot.com

  • Chriselle, I know you’ll probably never read this, but you have inspired me to create my own blog. I have such a passion for beauty and fashion and you are my idol. I’m going to post on my blog everyday and give it my best effort, I have some really fun posts lined up. It would be a total dream come true if you checked it out. I admire you so much! Love, Grace x

  • Maria says:

    Great Outfit, you look amazing. Can’t wait to see pics of your big day :)


  • Reena says:

    Two thumbs up on how you put up the neutrals. Inspiring! =)

  • Julieanne says:

    Chriselle!! I love your blog! I also subscribe to you on youtube. I absolutely love your taste in fashion. You actually inspired me to create my own blog. If you have time could you please visit http://www.jboomsroom.blogspot.ca and let me know what you think. Your opinion means the world to me. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you so much for being YOU, I wouldn’t have my own blog if it weren’t for you. So thank you <3 <3 Never stop posting!

  • fkxoxo says:

    Shorts, tank and sandals….i also thrown up a crazy top knot :)

  • Jas says:

    Wear your hair up more often! You look gorgeous!

  • Louise Sun says:

    Love it.. You’re so inspirational!

  • xItsMine says:

    Chriselle ! You look fab with your hair/fringe up out of the way! Suits you more I think, you should do that often esp with the shades. Weather looks awesome at the back btw 😛 x

  • susie says:

    please show us how u do ur high bun!! mine always end up looking flat and lifeless. please! thank you~

  • Alena says:

    Wow, good luck in your wedding dress! I hope you’ll be pleased by the end result, but then again, if it’s you making it, then I’m sure it’ll utterly kick-ass.

  • Lovely outfit.

  • Axelle says:

    Aah super cute outfit !

  • Mira says:

    That outfit is super stylish. Love your necklace. It´s awesome and your hair is pretty too 😀

  • Gracie says:

    I love the pleated skirt and your booooottttsss. Hot Hot Hot

  • Andrea says:

    You look so natural and beautiful, love your hair up.

  • lia says:

    Super trendy, still stylish outfit…Good luck with ur wedding dress…

  • Lydia says:

    I usually just tie a messy short braid when I’m having a bad hair day…
    And you still look good with your ‘Girls Gone Crazy’ look 😀

  • Mady says:

    cute outfit! did you think about your bachelorette party? any ideas?

  • malin says:

    just 2 collours …looks awesome on you <3

  • Maryse says:

    Crazy day = crazy hair for me too !!! I always put my hair in a top knot like this when I don’t have time! Yours is looking good though!! xoxo

  • Tinacious.Me says:

    I love the way you styled your hair! WOW! amazing!

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