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All Year Around

If I could wear one type of material all year around…that would be TWEED! Joy Cioci makes tweed so lightweight, fresh,  and even wearable in the summer! Tweed can often make you look “aged” or a bit “mature” so I like to look for tweed that is lightweight in material and lighter & more vibrant in colors. I also try to stick with tweed that has more of an edgy silhouette so it doesnt look like you grabbed it from your grandma’s closet!

On another note these rings I actually designed with my girlfriend Jacqueline from JNB jewels. As you guys know jewelry has always played a HUGE role in my life , and I thought it would be nice to pick up a little hobby and start designing on the side just for fun :) Let me know what you guys think of the rings and if you would work these pieces into your wardrobe!

Hope you guys have a beautiful day! And if ever feelin’ a little stressed ….dont forget to breathe, smile, and laugh it right off!

Will be updating you with another wedding post in a few!! See you guys in a bit!


Photography by Jana Williams 


Tweed Suit- Thanks to Joy Cioci

Purse- Emily Cho (similar one HERE)

Shoes- Isabel Marant  ( on sale & only a few left)

Armcandy + Necklace- thanks to JNB jewels

Ring- designed by yours truly  + JNB jewels 

  • Stephanie says:


  • Tina says:

    Wonderful outfit! Just love it.

  • Cindy says:

    The jewelry that you designed with your girlfriend is WAYYY too expensive…

  • Rose says:

    never seen anyone pull off tweed so well like you do Chriselle,you look lovely

  • Elle says:

    Loving this get-up!

  • Elena says:

    Re: the rings…I’m in love. Would love to own a couple of them. I have recently become addicted to bigger pieces!

  • Oksana says:

    Beautiful outfit! Amazing accessories!

  • Ish says:

    Love this look it’s so classy and love the colors, the short is adorable
    Xxx ish

  • Andrea says:

    I love your outfit! The colour is so pretty and I love your jewels

  • Nanto Dwyer says:

    I absolutely adore your bracelets combination, and your nail polish colour <3 Have been trying to pull that off, but haven't succeeded yet :(.

  • lia says:

    I simple love it….Its the best outfit ever…So elegant and yet shorts…???

  • Samantha says:

    I adore this outfit! The jacket is so great! :)

  • Mira says:

    Lovely blazer and pretty necklace 😀


  • Really pretty bead bracelets. :)

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