It’s always exciting to have my parents come down to visit, but this time around it was a VERY important trip specifically  for my mommy. I requested that she come down so we can go find a beautiful dress for her to wear to my wedding…. after all she IS the mother of the bride…..

So I took her on a little shopping spree at South Coast Plaza. and of course I had to pick myself up these Sandro sneakers that i’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Feelin’ fresh to death in my sneaks next to Mama lim :P

First stop was at Tadashi Shoji. The first dress she tried on was glamorous and fun! We loved the delicate neckline, but I was not a fan of the big bow in front nor the sparkle & sequins ( you cant really see it in the pictures). Regardless it was a beautiful dress and mommy loved it!

This was the second dress she tried on. This dress  is more muted, conservative  & classic than the previous one. It’s elegant & classic  whereas the previous one is more glamorous & fun! For some reason this dress really moved me…. and I think mama Lim loves the dress too!! {and yes, she was doing her Happy dance in the middle of the store!}

Finding the perfect dress is certainly not the easiest thing to do , but it’s all worth it at the end. Seeing my mommy’s face light up after finding the PERFECT dress  reminded me why I do what I do…. and that is to make women feel beautiful & confident. And of course being able to give back to my parents for all they have done for me by simply spoiling my mommy for the day really put a smile on my face over the weekend!

We actually ended up buying both of the dresses beacuse we couldn’t choose between the two!So i’m going to leave it up to you guys  to help Mama Lim!

Should Mama Lim wear the glamorous dress or the classic dress?

Thanks for your help guys! My mama and I really appreciate it!





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