51 Days & Counting- Happy Stomaches = Happy Guests!

Possibly the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning process is all the food you get to “test” out. My fiance, wedding planner, & I spent the day in the Wolfgang Puck Kitchen…where all the magic happens!!!

I find it VERY rewarding to eat something when you witness all the hard work, thought, & creativity that goes behind it all. My fiance said he felt like Anthony Bourdain from the show No Reservations (all you foodies know what i’m talking about!)

Here are a couple of the h’orderves & appetizers we are serving.

Thank God I had my fiance there with me to narrow down the selections because I wanted them ALL! (FYI – my fiance is a MAJOR foodie! He lives to wine & dine!) Now let me tell you our guests will be VERY well fed at the wedding! Happy Stomaches = Happy guests! 

How adorbs is my wedding planner Jeannie from DetailsDetails? We left the tasting trying over 15 different plates of food…. we stumbled out of there in a food coma daze!

I have a VERY exciting wedding announcement I will be making make sure to tune in!! Can’t wait to share with you guys, but for now my lips are sealed =X



  • M! says:

    hey chriselle!!!!!!! where is your necklace from in these pics? i LOVE it!!

  • pretty says:

    hI, looks like your really bust but it will definitely pay off!Congratulations so much! wish you all the best in life always. . please check out my blog too if you don’t mind, thank you

  • elaine says:

    oh my gosh this is sure to be a very wonderful wedding with all the preparations. What a very fine cuisine and food tasting so sosi! xoxo Ms Elle :) I’m very happy for you, you’re such an inspiration.

  • Julia says:

    Ooooh yummy! The food looks amazing.

  • Eva says:

    We say “Hors d’oeuvre” in French ! :) Hope you’ll be the happiest woman in the world when you’ll get married ! xx E

  • Emily says:

    I know a few blog posts ago you were talking about the colored macaroon trinket boxes and how they were sold out, and i found that a wholesale company called Two’s Company that sells them in sets of 12, they look identical! Hope that helps :)

  • Monica says:

    omg.. this post just made me go from hungry to starving!!!
    Looks amazing

  • Golden Girl says:

    Mmmmm! Food looks so colorful and scrumptious!! Can’t wait to hear your wedding announcement :-)

  • Mira says:

    Everything looks delicious. This is going to be an amazing wedding 😀


  • Constance says:

    I can assume you’re getting married on August 18th? Me too! But in Canada :) Congratulations!

  • Caroline says:

    Makes my water mouth, YUM! Love me some Wolfgang Puck!

    By the way, it’s spelled “hors d’oeuvres” 😉

  • Niole says:

    Your appetizers look so good! I’m hungry now! :-)

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  • mmmm… delicious!

  • amy says:

    I love Jeannie’s work !!
    you picked an amazing planner!! <3

  • Victoria says:

    I know this wedding will be the best of the century! I love these wedding updates, Chriselle <3 I wish I could attend!

  • Lily says:

    congrats Chriselle! the food looks amazing. I’m sure your foodie sister approved of it too right? Can’t wait for the news :) We want to see your fiance!

  • Hazel says:

    Love that blouse!! Must be exciting to plan a weeding!!

  • How fun!
    I’m sure the wedding day feast is going to be phenomenal.

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