Down The Aisle With Chriselle + Green Wedding Shoes

posted by on 2012.06.29, under Wedding

I’m very excited to announce to you today that we have partnered up with  Green Wedding Shoes to bring to you our 8 episode wedding series that will be launching Thursday, July 5! We couldn’t have thought of anyone more perfect to collaborate with than Green Wedding Shoes. Not only does GWS bring some major inspiration to brides all across the globe, but they also are a strong believer in personalizing your wedding day and making it YOU-nique. I gotta confess..when I first started to plan this wedding of mine I sat in front of the computer for hours going thru pages & pages of GWS’s  blog. They have endless amounts of inspiration, creative ideas, and (amazing) DIY projects.

 Jen is the Editor + Creative Director of Green Wedding Shoes as she works side by side with her husband Jason who is the man behind the site! They make the perfect couple & the perfect partnership (sigh…sometimes I wish my soon-to-be hubby would be my business partner!!)

 Make sure to bookmark and visit Green Wedding Shoes because starting next week they will be featuring new posts in the series that focuses on a major wedding planning decision + they will have some major exclusives! We will be covering everything from the engagement session, Decor meeting, bridesmaid dresses, and of course in search of THE wedding dress!

Hope you guys are excited about this collaboration + launch as much as we are! Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you guys Down The Aisle next week!!!



51 Days & Counting- Happy Stomaches = Happy Guests!

posted by on 2012.06.28, under Wedding

Possibly the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning process is all the food you get to “test” out. My fiance, wedding planner, & I spent the day in the Wolfgang Puck Kitchen…where all the magic happens!!!


Breezy Layers

posted by on 2012.06.28, under Outfit Of The Day


52 Days & Counting- The Little Details Make The Big Picture

posted by on 2012.06.27, under Wedding

Just got back home from a decor meeting with my wedding planner Jeannie of DetailsDetails & my florist Shawna Yamamoto.

(rings from Jewelmint & Ever Eden)


The Upgraded Chambray

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Fashion Meets Fitness with Tone It Up

posted by on 2012.06.26, under Fashion Tutorials

Aside from Fashion another passion of mine is FITNESS! At the end of the day it’s all about looking & feeling your best, right? So I wanted to share with you guys how to look chic while working out! I’ve partnered up with my friends from Tone It Up to talk to you guys about some summer fashion trends that could be incorporated into your workout outfits! (I find that looking cute at the gym helps me get going &  to run that extra mile!)

Also down below I added 2 more videos!
One being a girl talk sesh with Tone It Up & a work out video on 4 easy moves that I do from home to get me in shape!  


All Year Around

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54 Days & Counting- Mama Lim’s Dress

posted by on 2012.06.25, under Wedding

It’s always exciting to have my parents come down to visit, but this time around it was a VERY important trip specifically  for my mommy. I requested that she come down so we can go find a beautiful dress for her to wear to my wedding…. after all she IS the mother of the bride…..



posted by on 2012.06.25, under Outfit Of The Day


57 Days & Counting- All Things Paper

posted by on 2012.06.22, under Wedding

Guess what  just came in the mail??



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